Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's a new year, hooray!!

It's 2012, and things are already looking so much brighter!! I've been afmb(away from my blog) for quite some time, I know:( so I have lots and lots to update you all brace yourself! Since my last post Ive had an additional IV treatment which took place the second week of December. I was able to manage the nausea, but the constipation (tmi, I know) is always very uncomfortable. I received the treatment over a five day period, and boasted in excitement as I only had one more treatment to go!! Every week following this treatment I went in for labs, yet either my blood counts were still too low or my liver function was still a little too high or me to start up my last treatment. month later, and I still have not received my last treatment. I'm not complaining, yet part of me jut wants to get it done and over with already. Two days ago my doctor said to me that if my liver function was still high and not progressing back to normal as quick as she'd like that she would just cancel my last IV treatment and just have me start on the oral chemo next month. I've been anxiously waiting for her call as if I was waiting to hear about an important job interview or something. Frankly, I'm pooped with having to be in the hospital so darn much and would just love her to say that my last treatment could just be cut as a late Christmas gift/early birthday gift. So until she calls,I will just be playing the waiting game and of course praying for a pass and go;)
On a different note, holidays were certainly tough without my dad. My family and I spent thanksgiving at my mother in laws house which was a nice change. My sisters and mom were not too enthusiastic about having it at my moms, so Ivan and I took on the hostess with the mostess role lol It went well, yet it was rather quite. Christmas was also rather different. Since Ivan and I didn't get a chance to go to his family's house for thanksgiving we decided to go to his family's for Christmas eve. After all, last year we did the whole split time between two families thing, and it was rather exhausting and rushed. Christmas day we decided to all volunteer at the Modesto gospel mission, which was great! It was certainly nice to share that experience on Christmas with my family. As a family we also decided not to do a gift exchange this year, rather purchase a gift for a needy child instead. My dad was always so giving, and always gave whatever he had to others. We felt we wanted to do something different this year in his honor. I definetly felt his presence though even if he wasn't physically around.
New years eve I stayed in and cooked. Ivan and I went to a raiders game on new years day and tailgated, so Nayra (my sister in law) and I pulled pork all night for the big game. I went back to work at the after school program this past week, and these thriving attitude teenagers are already driving me nuts! But, I try my best to hang in there and teach. I've been applying for other jobs as well. I was hoping I could start going back to work full time once I hear back from my doctor about this last treatment. I haven't had any luck thus far, but I'm sure the right opportunity will come along when it's supposed to. In the meantime, Ive been keeping myself occupied with my usual hobbies. I've even started running...yes running if you can believe it or not. Back in November I started taking our dog for walks, and trying to jog just a little. I've been going just a little further every time. The first time I was barely able to walk half of a mile, and now im almost at 4 miles jogging straight without stopping!! My sister Sovia has even signed up all my sisters and I to take part in the rock and roll marathon in San Diego this June! So, I'm going to do it! I said I was going to run a marathon this year, so I'm gonna do it(well, half that is;))!! My friend Mena has been training with me, which makes it more enjoyable. We push each other through the pain and sweat. I'm so excited, and have been feeling more and more energized since I've started the training.
Also, the wig has (hopefully) officially come off! My hair has managed to grow back just a tad and not fall off with the previous treatments, so I'm trying to get used to the short boy cut. I'm rather tired of the itchy wig after all these months:( hopefully it can manage to at least stay this length through the oral chemo so I don't have to put the raggedy hair nest back on.
Well, I think that's about it. I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday season and have started this new year off healthy and happy! I know I have;) Just living life more fully for today, because we never know about tomorrow!
Keep following! God bless!