Monday, May 30, 2011

This is the new normal

I got a call Friday morning from one of the nurses telling me my labs showed my white blood count was very low at 1.8 and I would need to come in for extra blood tests Saturday and Monday. Just like that my weekend plans changed and had to revolve around my white blood cell count. I was prepped for admitting on Saturday after getting my blood drawn just in case the results revealed me needing a blood transfusion. I lingered around all day Saturday waiting for the call, but never received one assuming it meant I didn't need any blood. It was like waiting around for your work to call you about going in for a shift. So I ended up having the day off;) White blood cell count below a 4 means me having to wear a mask out in the world. I don't mind getting crazy stares from people at stores so much as the same hot breath I have to breath for a long period of time. I understand why everyone hated to wear the masks in the hospital now!! Itmurky turn to smell my stinky breath over and over sue!;) But the mask must be worn, and I just have to get used to it. It's just another thing to get used to. Two weeks ago I was at the relay for life and saw an old friend, Michelle. Her mom had recently fought breast cancer. We talked about the difficulties she had and how it was for her and her family. It was nice to hear someone else's story. Michelle told me something one of the speakers said in her speech that really stuck with me. The cancer survivor said she made her life with cancer the new normal...this is my new normal. Wearing a mask out in the world is normal, taking 10+ plus a day is normal, being bald is normal, visiting the hospital 3-5 times a week is normal. This is my life now, this is my normal. I've accepted this new normal of mine. And although it's only temporary, or maybe not, im so happy with life right now! I have such an amazing family and friends around me that have allowed this new"normal" to feel normal. There are still new life changes I must adjust to, but with just a little more time my new life will feel completely normal.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is my new employment:)

The long week of my first entire week of treatment came to an end. By the end of the week I became familiar with all the nurses names like I did when I was in Baldwin Park, and things started to turn up. My sister Hilda, Mena, Mother in law, and Ivan kept me company during the week which helped me get through the difficult week back. Friday evening felt like such a relief to get out of that chemo chair #12. :) My niece's 8th grade graduation dance was that evening. I jetted out of my treatment with my sister to help her begin getting ready. She looked absolutely beautiful. As we droped her off at the gymnasium it made me remember my 8th grade dance, what doesn't seem that long ago. My niece had convinced me to buy her a Justin Bieber heart necklace for the occasion. Although I wasn't fascinated by the necklace's appearance, I knew it made her happy. She too would probably have those regretful thoughts years later about what she decided to wear like I's part of the growing up process I thought. The rest of the weekend was busy with other graduation celebrations. My Suzy Q came up from LA for our friend Sarah's graduation from SF State. Saturday we parted early to the city. It was the first time I left outside Modesto since I've been back, it was quite exciting. Ivan prepped Suzy with nurse tasks of course before we left. I have an enormous pill box I have to carry around with me. It's very colorful like the rainbow, it's the latest accessory I'm telling you! As Suzy and I entered the city we both became nostalgic. We talked about all the fun memories of living in the city together. It has been already an entire year since we moved out, and Sarah being the last to leave, made it hard. Sarah being in SF made it feel like our little group of loca locals(the nickname we gave ourselves)was still living. Her leaving San Francisco made us feel as if the chapter in life was really ending:( The ceremony was long...and I wasn't able to sit through the whole thing sadly. I recuperated myself with a power nap to join Sarah and her family afterward for dinner. It was so great to be with those girls!
Sunday followed with another graduation celebration! Ivan and I made it out for a BBQ for our friend Chandler's graduation from Fresno State. Of course all these celebrations lead to several power naps in between. I wish sleeping could be an Olympic sport. Us cancer patients would be fantastic at the sport! We could be judged on different factors such as: Appearance while sleeping, form, length, noise, o my it would be awesome!! The grand prize could be a therapeutic king size bed...Lets organize it people, I'm in!:)
Tuesday soon came, and that meant Lumbar puncture numero dos...This last lumbar puncture left me in ache for several days afterwards, so I wasn't looking forward to going in. Not only is it not a pleasant procedure, but I couldn't eat prior to the procedure. I was ok with not eating for a while, but not 6 hours! The radiology department became backed up in the morning, so there I laid for my turn on an empty stomach for three hours. I had to bite my tongue several times in complete grumpiness. I know it's not the staffs fault, but when a cancer patient actually feels their stomach growl and can't eat...oooo that does not make a very happy person! The time came for the needle, and I prepared with what helps me get through many of these procedures, thinking about Europe. I was given a relaxer which helped me hum my time away on the bed as the doctor inserted the long needle into my back. I daydreamed of eating crepes, gelato, and pizza with Ivan.(which led to Ivan and I going to eat at Olive Garden afterwards:)) It was quite a delightful picture which kept me distracted from the scary thing going on on my back. 3 more of these suckers to go I thought! I have this checklist in mind, similar to the one I created when I was getting my first phase of treatment. This is how it reads thus far: 3 lumbar punctures, 5 more week long chemo cycles,more shots,1,000+ pills to makes the task more feasible to get through.
I'm clocking in a lot of hours into this treatment, I wish I could get paid for it as if it were a regular job:) Last week I clocked in a total of 41 hours! This week I've "worked" 12 so far, it's tough work too! Leaves me more exhausted than teaching my 6th graders ever did. Too bad I couldn't be put on a timecard:( My job description would read: Fight Cancer! Pay:$14 hr (I feel this is reasonable:)) Description: Sleep often, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, sores, headaches, loss in appetite( and other possible duties that could arise depending on individual basis, please be aware!)Be cautioned, YOU WILL SMELL LIKE TOXIC!!
Today I will be hanging out with my sister (Hilda) to make plans for an uncoming Blood drive she's helping me organize. I hope to you see you all there, June 12th from 11-4 St.Stanislaus gymnasium! Come help save a life and show your support!:)

Love you all, God Bless!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chemo chair# 12, my second home

I want to stay positive. I am positive damn it! but after having a 2 week break from horrific chemicals entering my body, its hard to be positive. I cried all day today (monday) I could have probably made a nice cool pool out of all my tears. I wish i could that way i could have something to swim in after this is all over. it would even be salty to resemble the ocean.
I was completely dreading the sick feeling i would get at this upcoming chemo cycle. Flashbacks of my worse days at the hospital came to mind. I mean how could i not cry? i knew the break would only be temporary, but after having 2 wonderful weeks of freedom with friends and family and not having to think about cancer, shit its hard not to cry. Staying positive is hard when i have all these negative thoughts bouncing around: you still almost have 2 years of this, the worst is to come, no one understands this pain...
Monday I go and get my picc line dressing changed and I'm handed a schedule of my upcoming treatments "whoa, whoa" I say. " I thought i was supposed to be here at 12:30 for treatment not 8:30?" "well," the nurse replied " your doctor decided to fill in some more chemo this week" can they just do that? I walked in with one appointment and walked out booked for the rest of the week, there go my plans! My planner now revolves around my chemo treatments people, so if you would like to hang out please direct your calls to my nurse so she/ he can pencil you in. I come home frustrated as heck and start to fill my imaginary ocean like pool to its edge.
I had a talk with my sister (hilda) and listened to her as i heaved in tears. She told me that my aunt in Mexico, who is also getting chemo has days similar to the ones im having. My cousin Liz had told her that my aunt would dread the day before starting chemo again after being off for three days, and how she would tell my cousin " can i just skip this treatment?" My cousin Liz would have to cheer her up and tell her she just had to get throught it and go, even thought she admits she could just tell her mom " yea mom, just stay home." By friday after the treatment was over my aunt would thank my cousin for pushing her to go and get through the treatment. I've been on a hiatus, i need a push to help get to the finish line. My sister, Mena, and my sister in law gave me the push i needed to get to bed and wake up this morning ready to keep fighting and stare this stupid chemo/ cancer in the eye and say "you will not defeat me!" These girls filled me with the cofidence i needed, thank you so much!
(Tuesday)I checked in this morning bright and early to what i now call my second home. I took my place in chemo chair #12 and thought of Europe " i must keep fighting to see europe!" I said to myself. not only did this thought get me through my treatment but as i had these toxins pushed into me I chatted away with another cancer patient right next to me. We shared about our horrid side affects and the ways our lives have changed. It was so nice to feel and know im not the only one. Its so nice to talk to someone who understands my pain and why its sometimes its so hard to be positive. We both laughed about the ridiculous procedures we had been through and were going to go through. I told her i just found out i would be having to inject myself 7 days straight after every one of these treatments. She told me about the time she got thresh in her mouth and couldnt eat for 7 days. I mean seriously, how can you stay 100% positive when you have to go throught all this? But i just have to fight through the negativity, soak up the support from friends and family, and just keep going! im going to look into finding a support group. It would be nice to vent to fellow cancer patients more often. I love you so much family and friends, bit it can be hard hearing " its going to be ok you just have to get through it," from someone who doesnt know my pain. No one needs to feel sorry for my pain, I just need a fellow cancer patient who knows my pain to vent to! :-) Im off for more chemo, ill be here all week so keep following, im pretty sure ill have plenty to talk about. GOD BLESS!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

It just keeps getting better!:)

I haven't been able to sleep in much. As a teacher I dream about Saturdays, and how amazing it feels to not have to set an alarm and how I could sleep well into the afternoon if I wanted to. I don't have that desire to sleep in anymore, it's strange. I wake up early having an urge to get started and fit in as much as I can. Ivan doesn't really like this new habit I have developed. You see he works graveyard shifts often. I wake up after he has only been sleeping two hours and want to celebrate with him about the new day! He doesn't like this much:) Wednesday morning, after Ivan slept his usual 5 hours of sleep we took our dog Bruce for a walk around the neighborhood. This is the first time I've said "our dog," so I am admitting I'm starting to really like Bruce. You see, I am not much of a pet lover...but Ivan loves this dog so much it's hard for me not to. After our walk I went out to lunch with my friend Alyssa. She had never been to Deva's downtown so we decided to go there. Deva's is a little sandwich shop/coffee shop in downtown Modesto. They have the most amazing sandwiches. The second thing I love about this place is the incredible art work they always have hanging on their walls. I have always been curious what it took to get art work up. I felt rather brave that day. After Alyssa and I ordered I asked the owner about the process in getting ones art work up. She asked if it was for me. I shyly responded "yea." The owner's response filled my heart with complete excitement. She said they were in the midst of looking for a new artist to follow the one that was up rather soon, and asked me to leave my contact information so she could forward it to her art coordinator. In the meantime, I must produce more art!! I'm looking at about needing at least 30 pieces. So, I have been on an art binge since then. Every morning I get up and paint for a good amount of time, it's awesome! An now one can complain about me devoting all this time painting, because like I mentioned before It's my new temporary employment:)
Later on Wednesday I hung out with my sister Hilda and nieces. We picked them up from school, and while I was there I caught up with some old teachers and staff I once had. It's crazy to think how long ago it was. I pondered the feeling I would get having students visit me ten years from now...I don't know how I would like that yet? I mean, I would love to hear that my students are doing well, but seeing them all grown up...gosh that would make me feel so old and just weird. I better think about that the next time I visit an old teacher...
We spent the afternoon watching movies and chomping on Lime Hot Cheetos (Cynthia's Favorite). After a few hours I headed over to pick up Ivan. We had dinner plans with Teresa and Steven. They cooked us scrumptious spaghetti, as we watched American Idol. It was great to enjoy a great meal with great friends!
Thursday was Ivan's day off. We proclaimed it our date day! I love our date days! We went out for lunch at this sandwich place in downtown Modesto called Picasso's, but were not very pleased with it. The sun dried tomato pesto sauce flavor was very overwhelming, and took away from all the other flavors. We left a little disappointed:( Our next stop was somewhere I had been craving to go while I was hospitalized. The movies!! I finally got to dip my hands into some buttery popcorn and munch away on that kernel:) Ivan and I watched the movie Thor, which I wasn't too excited about seeing, but after 5 minutes I was hooked!
When we returned home I had a visit from an old friend, Megan Cockrum! I had not seen her since high school. She gave me some more art supplies to add to my now ridiculous collection which I gladly accepted. We talked and laughed about old times and what we had been up to these past years. I was excited to hear she was interested in becoming a teacher:)
Today has been a pretty relaxing day. I got to paint, of course and have just been trying to take care of a few errands. Ivan and I are going to Andy's house for dinner when he gets off of work. We are having a double date with Andy and Alyssa since it's been so long, I can't wait!
I'm starting chemo again on I'm just trying to fit in as many "activities" in as possible just in case I turn into a zombie again. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the beautiful weather. Get outside people, go soak in that beautiful sun!:)

God Bless! Keep following!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


finally posted please scroll down to april and we will see pictures of suzie and jens photo shoot.

Good, Great, Amazing days!!

Isa's first communion was so beautiful! She looked so great in her neat white dress with her hair nicely pinned up in curls and pearl headband. After mass we all headed over to Ivan's aunt's apartment for lunch (Tia Tere). We had delicious carnitas, macaroni salad, and salad. It was so nice beeing with family. Ivan's aunts all couldn't believe how real my hair looked! I told them how awesome it has been not having to take the time to straighten my hair. The wig is honesly better looking than my old real hair. Everytime I straightened my old hair it would quickly frizz up. My wig is never frizzy!! I love it!
We left after a few hours back to Modesto. I rested some time once we got home. Later that evening we took Ivan's mom out to dinner fo mother's day. We ate delicious seafood at Red Lobster, yummy! My sister-in-law Annabell was working and served our table. Poor Annabell she looked so unhappy. She's been serving for almost ten years. I pray she find something she's incredibly happy with:)
Monday was full of fun! These past few days I have had more energy! Ivan and I went out to lunch with Annabell then went to Micheals and purchased paints! They were 50% off at 29 cents each. I stalked up! Gina sent me a book called "I'd rather do chemo than clean the garage!" The author of the book is hilarious! Not only is she hilarious, but she is also an artist! During her treatments she was used her art to calm her and distract her. I was so inspired by her that it gave me the idea to do the same! I've decided that my employment will be to sell my art just like her, which explains my reasoning in purchasing 30 bottles of paint:) ART FOR SALE everyone:) I feel God's giving me the opportunity to be the hungry artist I've secretly always wanted to be! our Micheals excursion, we headed to my doctor's appointment. I had my dressing changed and line flushed on my picc line. Mena and I had a Pho date after my apoointment. She claimed to owe me from a previous lunch date we had. It was quite ironic, because once it came to paying we realized the place was CASH ONLY, and we had absolutely NO CASH on us! We tried calling Ivan and Nayra (my sister-in-law) to come to our rescue, yet neither of the two were answering their phones! We both laughed thinking we were going to have no choice but to do the dishes! After about 40 minutes we finally got a hold of Ivan, who came to our dish washing rescue:) I ended my day with an enjoyable painting session with Mena! It was so relaxing.
Tuesday was also full of activities! I took a walk in the morning with Hilda(my mother in law). I walked 3/4 of a mile...still have 12 miles to go:) Tuesday was also Mexican Mother's Day! My sisters Rosie and Hilda, Dad,Maria(Rosie's roommate)and I took my mom out for a Mother's day lunch! We indulged in the wonderful soup, salad, annd breadsticks special at the Olive Garden of course:) Afterwards we did some shopping! I found some adorable wedge shoes which I can actually walk in! I havn't attempted or think I can wear heels yet, but these wedges were so walkable in I just had to get them! The day went by so quickly! It was soon six o'clock and I was beat! I couldn't seem to feel hungry for dinner. I wasn't sure if it was because I was still full from the OG or just one of those lame sideaffects. It wasn't untill about almost ten o'clock that I had Ivan take me to a taco truck. I ate about half a burrito, got grossed out, and just wanted to go to bed. I woke up this morning feeling so much better thankfully:) Today will also be a busy busy day. Gotta fit in as much as I can before the chemo begins.... :) I'll fill you all in on the details later!
Thank you all for your constant prayers! Love you all, keep on following!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It all just seems sooo unreal...

The wig shopping was successful! Mena and Sarah helped me pick out my new do. I now sport medium length brown hair with carmel highlights! Yes you heard right, I have highlights! I have not dyed my hair in years, so everyone is still getting used to it.
I met with my new oncologist Thursday. She seems great! She went over the next part of my treatment with Ivan and I. She's going to give me a week off before I start up again. I'm so happy about that. The next part of my treatment is called consolidation. I will be going in once a week for twelve weeks to receive treatment. Most times it will be out patient which means I get to go home, yet other times I will have to stay depending on my reaction to the chemo. The entire treatment is going to last about 2 years. My doctor told me that I would have to put my life on hold for the time being. I'm not worried though. God has a plan for me, and if it's to take time off of teaching I'm pretty sure he will find some other way for me to continue doing what I love:) I trust in his plan. I'm thinking he just wants to give Patty a break...let me do things I never had time to do before. I'm thinking painting, volunteer, school, exercise...
Friday came around. Ivan and I had a mini date out. We ran some errands, went to the mall, and stopped by his boss's house to say hi. I was pooped afterward so we went back to his mom's so I could rest up before the welcome home party. The time for the party came, I was so excited to see all of our friends and family. My parents BBQ ed carne asada, burgers and hot dogs. So many of our friends and family came out, it was sooo great!! I started feeling really tired around nine thirty and headed inside. Ivan felt it was best to go home since I managed to pass out in complete exhaustion on my mom's couch:) It was a great night. I felt so blessed to be home, it was just so unreal. It doesn't feel real at times. It feels like I'm dreaming, and I find telling myself often, "patty this isn't a dream, you are living!" I'm just so happy!
Saturday was an early day. My niece Joci picked Ivan and I to be her Godparents for her first communion. We parted for Sacramento around 8:30. The first communion was absolutely beautiful. It was the first time I had been inside a church since I was released:) Seeing my niece receive the beautiful sacrament brought me such great joy! After the celebration we went out for lunch. My entire family and I pigged out on pizza and pasta! Today has been amazing! Tomorrow will be another long day, I'm trying to do as much as I can before I start treatment again. We will be going to another first communion out in the bay area for Ivan's cousin. I'm excited to see all of his side of of the family (my family too:)). Tomorrow is also Mother's day! We are planning a dinner outing for my mom as well as Ivan's mom, can't wait!
Thank you all for your constant prayers!! I love you all a ton!
Keep following! ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 32/33-I'm Home!

I couldn't seem to fall asleep the night before we received the biopsy results. I told Ivan I felt like an overly excited child who was planning on going to Disneyland the next day. I tried my best not to think about the exciting/sad news though and managed to get some sleep at least. I woke up as usual though in the middle of the night for my nightly bathroom usage and struggled my way to fall back asleep. I started thinking about the possibilities of the day, which made it even harder for me to get some decent shut eye.
Morning arrived...finally! My friend Alexis was there bright and early! She brought me this beautiful scarf wrap from Afghanistan. It was so beautiful with it's gleaming of gold. The Morning dragged. Alexis, myself and Ivan attempted to keep ourselves entertained with music and the internet, yet our anticipation was storming over us. Of course the one day we really want to hear the news my oncologist is running late. We hear her distinct light knock on the door. I hear her call out the new name she's given me in her high pitched voice "Patrice!" I propped myself up, my heart was racing in a frantic craze. As I heard the words come out of her mouth ("Well, the biopsy results show no regrowth of abnormal cells, today's a big day for you! Your nurse is working on your departure paper work right now,") my heart jumped for joy. Ivan high fived me and said "Yes! Were going home!" I frantically called and texted everyone in complete excitement not knowing what to do with myself. I felt incredible. Thank God for Alexis! Her and Ivan quickly began the packing process. Over the course of almost 6 weeks we had accumulated a the amount of stuff a college freshman would have in a year, I'm not even exaggerating. The both of them kindly made their numerous trips to the car as I signed the departure paperwork and got the dressing on my picc line changed and went over some questions with the nurse. It felt so unreal. I was about to depart the temporary home I had made. I hugged tightly all the wonderful nurse friends I had made and assured them I would visit but not under these circumstances.
As I walked out in regular clothes, which felt kinda strange the sun beamed in my eyes. I couldn't stop smiling as the warm heat hit my skin. The three of us headed to eat some delicious Thai food after. I enjoyed the feeling of being in a restaurant again, ordering my own food from a menu and the atmosphere. After indulging we headed to our hotel. Our friends Suzy and Alex were incredibly generous and booked Ivan and I a night at a near by hotel so we could rest on a real bed together before we made the drive back home. The ride in the car made me utterly nauseous and gave me a minor headache. It felt so strange to be in a vehicle after so long. At the hotel, we hit the happy hour of course. I felt sort of strange walking to bar with a scarf wrapped around my bald head and my picc line clearly visible on my arm. Ivan assured me not to worry, and said well at least let's clip your hospital bracelet off. I laughed and agreed. I had a delicious mimosa. I rested up before heading out for dinner. we had made dinner plans with all of my LA friends before I was to leave. If you can guess the place we were to have dinner I will applaud you. Of course, Versailles, my favorite Cuban food place! The food was amazing as always. The strong garlic lime taste of the chicken is a flavor that is far too strong, even chemo couldn't stop it! Suzy, Alex, Jen, Alexis, Lizette, Oscar, and even Teresa and Steve with little Audrey Claire came out! They were in town and made it out to meet up with us. It was so nice to celebrate and eat with good friends.
On our way back to the hotel Lizette and I had a rather deep and reflective conversation about our health. Lizette had recently experienced some struggles in her health that also made her realize the power of God. She said something to me that I will never forget. She said many times we tend to ask ourselves "Why me?" and feel pitty for ourselves or angry with God for having us suffer. When we should be telling ourselves "Why not?" If we never suffer, then we will never appreciate or value what we have. We talked about how we both had never suffered in this way. I myself feel so grateful. I've had an amazing life thus far. I have a great family, I've been blessed in being able to work hard and accomplish my goals, I don't feel I've ever suffered. I feel blessed to have felt pain and suffering. I feel I can relate to what Christ felt when he died for us. Perhaps just a grain of sand compared to what he did for us, but it makes me feel happy to know I have experienced that suffering. We are called to suffer. Lizette is also a teacher. She talked to me about her experiences of having to let her classroom go for the year and how sad it made her feel that she couldn't do what she loved. I talked to her about feeling the same way. I don't know what's going to happen yet. I want to return to my students and job, I just don't know if I can yet. Thank you Lizette for that beautiful conversation!
Ivan and I arrived at the hotel and got the best rest of our life! I felt like a marshmallow, and Ivan finally next to me was the cherry on top. Of course we naturally woke up at 4am out of habit. It was just too funny, I thought I was the only one awake and I look over at Ivan and see his eyes wide open. We managed to fall back asleep and wake up at 8:30 and feel completely well rested. It felt amazing to finally not be woken up at odd hours, or have to be connected to a machine and tug myself to the bathroom.
The drive back to Modesto was a bit challenging. I felt kind of nauseous at times so I would lean myself back and shut my eyes. I have never been so happy to be in Modesto!! Knowing I was to see all my family and friends made me so happy! We arrived to Modesto around 4pm. Our friend Andy was having a BBQ at his house for his birthday so we headed over there. It was so nice to see our friends and enjoy some home cooked burgers. I was able to hang in for about and hour an half then felt tired so we headed back to Ivan's mom's house to rest. It's weird not having the normal energy I am used to having, but I know I have to take it easy and not exert myself. I'm so happy to be home! Today I am going to lunch with my parents, Ivan and his mom then heading out to pick out a wig with my friends Mena and Sarah! I'm excited! I get to pick whatever hair I want;0
Thank you for all your prayers for fantastic biopsy results! God is truly listening and present! Love you all, keep following!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 30/31-Ready to go home!

Ivan and I have reached the point where we are deliriously happy. Nothing makes sense after being cooped up in this hospital room for so long. We are so ready to be out of here it's not even funny! Yesterdays day went by sooooo slow. I kid you not every minute seemed like an hour...and every hour resembled an entire day. Ive spent these two days battling with this soreness by taking walks, standing, and stretching often. My body is stubborn though! Gosh it's just so lazy! All it wants to do is lie and sleep. :(
I've been daydreaming a lot too about the first thing I want to do once they let me go. Wow, that sounds weird. Just the thought of getting into our car gives me chills of excitement. I definitely want to head to the beach before we leave! Perhaps go get a pedicure:) I'm excited to just step into a store. Ivan and I are planning on having dinner with our LA friends before we part, I'm excited for that!
We will be meeting with my new oncologist in Modesto on Thursday to discuss the next part of my treatment. I'm hoping she will give me a small break before starting again:) At least a week... The plan is to stay at Ivan's mom's house until we figure out the treatment schedule. Although the future is unclear right now for me I feel content. I trust what God has planned for me. I must be patient and open for what's to come. I sure miss my students! They sent me a large "mural" banner to hang in my room. It made me smile and think about each and every one of them. My fellow teacher Tracey, who sent the package said they insisted it be a mural looking banner since they know I'm an artist. It was just so thoughtful of them:)
God willingingy tomorrow will be the end of this first battle! I feel accomplished to have made it this far, but I couldn't have done it without the support of you all! I just can't thank you all enough! You are all so important in helping me kick this thing in the butt! I will update you all on the biopsy results ASAP! In the meantime please keep praying!! Love you all, God bless!