Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is my new employment:)

The long week of my first entire week of treatment came to an end. By the end of the week I became familiar with all the nurses names like I did when I was in Baldwin Park, and things started to turn up. My sister Hilda, Mena, Mother in law, and Ivan kept me company during the week which helped me get through the difficult week back. Friday evening felt like such a relief to get out of that chemo chair #12. :) My niece's 8th grade graduation dance was that evening. I jetted out of my treatment with my sister to help her begin getting ready. She looked absolutely beautiful. As we droped her off at the gymnasium it made me remember my 8th grade dance, what doesn't seem that long ago. My niece had convinced me to buy her a Justin Bieber heart necklace for the occasion. Although I wasn't fascinated by the necklace's appearance, I knew it made her happy. She too would probably have those regretful thoughts years later about what she decided to wear like I's part of the growing up process I thought. The rest of the weekend was busy with other graduation celebrations. My Suzy Q came up from LA for our friend Sarah's graduation from SF State. Saturday we parted early to the city. It was the first time I left outside Modesto since I've been back, it was quite exciting. Ivan prepped Suzy with nurse tasks of course before we left. I have an enormous pill box I have to carry around with me. It's very colorful like the rainbow, it's the latest accessory I'm telling you! As Suzy and I entered the city we both became nostalgic. We talked about all the fun memories of living in the city together. It has been already an entire year since we moved out, and Sarah being the last to leave, made it hard. Sarah being in SF made it feel like our little group of loca locals(the nickname we gave ourselves)was still living. Her leaving San Francisco made us feel as if the chapter in life was really ending:( The ceremony was long...and I wasn't able to sit through the whole thing sadly. I recuperated myself with a power nap to join Sarah and her family afterward for dinner. It was so great to be with those girls!
Sunday followed with another graduation celebration! Ivan and I made it out for a BBQ for our friend Chandler's graduation from Fresno State. Of course all these celebrations lead to several power naps in between. I wish sleeping could be an Olympic sport. Us cancer patients would be fantastic at the sport! We could be judged on different factors such as: Appearance while sleeping, form, length, noise, o my it would be awesome!! The grand prize could be a therapeutic king size bed...Lets organize it people, I'm in!:)
Tuesday soon came, and that meant Lumbar puncture numero dos...This last lumbar puncture left me in ache for several days afterwards, so I wasn't looking forward to going in. Not only is it not a pleasant procedure, but I couldn't eat prior to the procedure. I was ok with not eating for a while, but not 6 hours! The radiology department became backed up in the morning, so there I laid for my turn on an empty stomach for three hours. I had to bite my tongue several times in complete grumpiness. I know it's not the staffs fault, but when a cancer patient actually feels their stomach growl and can't eat...oooo that does not make a very happy person! The time came for the needle, and I prepared with what helps me get through many of these procedures, thinking about Europe. I was given a relaxer which helped me hum my time away on the bed as the doctor inserted the long needle into my back. I daydreamed of eating crepes, gelato, and pizza with Ivan.(which led to Ivan and I going to eat at Olive Garden afterwards:)) It was quite a delightful picture which kept me distracted from the scary thing going on on my back. 3 more of these suckers to go I thought! I have this checklist in mind, similar to the one I created when I was getting my first phase of treatment. This is how it reads thus far: 3 lumbar punctures, 5 more week long chemo cycles,more shots,1,000+ pills to makes the task more feasible to get through.
I'm clocking in a lot of hours into this treatment, I wish I could get paid for it as if it were a regular job:) Last week I clocked in a total of 41 hours! This week I've "worked" 12 so far, it's tough work too! Leaves me more exhausted than teaching my 6th graders ever did. Too bad I couldn't be put on a timecard:( My job description would read: Fight Cancer! Pay:$14 hr (I feel this is reasonable:)) Description: Sleep often, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue, sores, headaches, loss in appetite( and other possible duties that could arise depending on individual basis, please be aware!)Be cautioned, YOU WILL SMELL LIKE TOXIC!!
Today I will be hanging out with my sister (Hilda) to make plans for an uncoming Blood drive she's helping me organize. I hope to you see you all there, June 12th from 11-4 St.Stanislaus gymnasium! Come help save a life and show your support!:)

Love you all, God Bless!

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