Sunday, April 1, 2012

24 never looked so good! 1 year celebration of my parrrrrty!:)

I woke up today recalling the mixed emotions I was feeling on this exact day one year ago. The crushing news that I would have to fight for my life at the age of 23. Everything I had worked for and established for myself seem to have shattered at that one moment of hearing I had been diagnosed with leukemia. Every other word that came out of my oncologist's mouth became nothing more than monotonous jaw movements. I remember Ivan repeadivley asking me "are you ok?, are you ok?" In reply all I could say was, "Are you ok??"
And after snapping out of a moment of complete shock which seemed like a lifetime, I gathered myself together and started to write this blog.
I turned to God and placed complete and ultimate trust in a plan, future, and outcome only he knew. With every corner of faith I had in me I began a fight that has thankfully brought me to this exact day today. I've made it this far, and a few days ago I celebrated by 24th birthday, which was by far the most meaningful and beautiful birthday in my life! My family planned a surprise dinner for me, which was incredibly thoughtful.
Well enough with the sentimental part, because I know I can go on and on with all the amazing life experiences I've gained this past year...yet I don't need to because they are all kindly saved in this blog:) Let's get to the present and future excitements in my life. For one, my marathon training has been progressing! About 2 weeks ago I hit 8 miles!! I tell you all, I was in complete shock. I never thought that I would ever be able to come to the point where I could regain my strength and endurance to go 8 complete miles. If you remember my posts from when I was first receiving chemo, I could barley even make it out of bed, none the less take a shower without feeling like I was about to collapse. I remember thinking to myself, "I don't think I'm ever going to regain my strength." What seemed like an impossibility, has revealed itself to be one of my biggest accomplishments. Just a few more months of training to go until race day!! I can't wait to cross that finish line!
I also have some extremely exciting news for the future. I know I mentioned that I was beginning to look for a full-time teaching position for next year and, and I was applying everywhere, yet wasn't having any luck. Well, this past week I found out about a teaching position I applied for in San Jose, and I got it!!!! It's at an immersion charter school, which was what I was teaching last year before I became sick. The school seems perfect, and I can't wait to start in August! Of course that requires Ivan and I to move, but we were preparing ourselves to do so anyway.It was quite bitter sweet news. I have gotten acostomed to being around family all the time this past year, yet I know we will be visiting often. I just feel so incredibly blessed because I know God's hands were truly in the making. I just knew he would bring the right opportunity along when I was ready, and he has! So, tha means Ivan and I have the next few months to pan out all the small details and such, but we are so happy to be putting the pieces back together.
Ivan, my sister in law and I took a weekend trip to LA a few weeks ago to visit my good ole SF roomies. We had a great time, although most of our time was spent shoving delicious food in our face...I'm surprised we even conversed much with all the time that was spent chewing and demolishing LA's fine cuisine. It was great to see the girls and catch up, especially under better circumstances. Last time I was in LA I was bedridden, so I definetly appreciated seeing them out of that context.
Other than that, I've just been working. Still teaching at the after school program, which I feel my students are actually enjoying getting a consistent teacher who shows up everyday rather than from earliear in the year when I was missing so many days due to long term hospital days and sick days. I feel every time I update I have a new hobby I've picked up. Although the one I'm about to share is not a pastime I feel very proud of. I should technically be reading more, yet I've been indulging myself in a guilty pleasure called beauty YouTube videos...which I will say no more of since I'm deeply disappointed in myself in regards to how many countless hours I've spent with my pupils glued to a screen with girls talking about beauty products.
I'm off to bed! So utterly thankful to God for all of his grace and all of you who have read or are still reading my posts. You all know you have had some part in this long fight with me. Thank you for joining me! Keep following:)