Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 30/31-Ready to go home!

Ivan and I have reached the point where we are deliriously happy. Nothing makes sense after being cooped up in this hospital room for so long. We are so ready to be out of here it's not even funny! Yesterdays day went by sooooo slow. I kid you not every minute seemed like an hour...and every hour resembled an entire day. Ive spent these two days battling with this soreness by taking walks, standing, and stretching often. My body is stubborn though! Gosh it's just so lazy! All it wants to do is lie and sleep. :(
I've been daydreaming a lot too about the first thing I want to do once they let me go. Wow, that sounds weird. Just the thought of getting into our car gives me chills of excitement. I definitely want to head to the beach before we leave! Perhaps go get a pedicure:) I'm excited to just step into a store. Ivan and I are planning on having dinner with our LA friends before we part, I'm excited for that!
We will be meeting with my new oncologist in Modesto on Thursday to discuss the next part of my treatment. I'm hoping she will give me a small break before starting again:) At least a week... The plan is to stay at Ivan's mom's house until we figure out the treatment schedule. Although the future is unclear right now for me I feel content. I trust what God has planned for me. I must be patient and open for what's to come. I sure miss my students! They sent me a large "mural" banner to hang in my room. It made me smile and think about each and every one of them. My fellow teacher Tracey, who sent the package said they insisted it be a mural looking banner since they know I'm an artist. It was just so thoughtful of them:)
God willingingy tomorrow will be the end of this first battle! I feel accomplished to have made it this far, but I couldn't have done it without the support of you all! I just can't thank you all enough! You are all so important in helping me kick this thing in the butt! I will update you all on the biopsy results ASAP! In the meantime please keep praying!! Love you all, God bless!


  1. I am so glad you got the Doctor our
    Neighbor recommended when you meet her let her know that dr Brian bigalow recommended her every little bit helps Brian said she is really great, dr bigelow used to be lisa's obgyn then he moved to kaiser and moved next door to us. So glad u are coming home kk and Bella will be so happy you are home where you belong. Love nana

  2. Miss Patty
    I found the following in my great-grandmothers cookbook dated about 100 years ago.

    "If all were easy if all were bright,
    Where would the cross be, where would the fight?
    But, in the hard place, God gives to you
    Chances for proving what He can so.

  3. Linda, I will be sure to let Dr.Ark know about Dr.Brian Bigelow! also, I love that scripture! It's sooo very true! I want to see you all! Lets plan a time??