Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good, Great, Amazing days!!

Isa's first communion was so beautiful! She looked so great in her neat white dress with her hair nicely pinned up in curls and pearl headband. After mass we all headed over to Ivan's aunt's apartment for lunch (Tia Tere). We had delicious carnitas, macaroni salad, and salad. It was so nice beeing with family. Ivan's aunts all couldn't believe how real my hair looked! I told them how awesome it has been not having to take the time to straighten my hair. The wig is honesly better looking than my old real hair. Everytime I straightened my old hair it would quickly frizz up. My wig is never frizzy!! I love it!
We left after a few hours back to Modesto. I rested some time once we got home. Later that evening we took Ivan's mom out to dinner fo mother's day. We ate delicious seafood at Red Lobster, yummy! My sister-in-law Annabell was working and served our table. Poor Annabell she looked so unhappy. She's been serving for almost ten years. I pray she find something she's incredibly happy with:)
Monday was full of fun! These past few days I have had more energy! Ivan and I went out to lunch with Annabell then went to Micheals and purchased paints! They were 50% off at 29 cents each. I stalked up! Gina sent me a book called "I'd rather do chemo than clean the garage!" The author of the book is hilarious! Not only is she hilarious, but she is also an artist! During her treatments she was used her art to calm her and distract her. I was so inspired by her that it gave me the idea to do the same! I've decided that my employment will be to sell my art just like her, which explains my reasoning in purchasing 30 bottles of paint:) ART FOR SALE everyone:) I feel God's giving me the opportunity to be the hungry artist I've secretly always wanted to be! our Micheals excursion, we headed to my doctor's appointment. I had my dressing changed and line flushed on my picc line. Mena and I had a Pho date after my apoointment. She claimed to owe me from a previous lunch date we had. It was quite ironic, because once it came to paying we realized the place was CASH ONLY, and we had absolutely NO CASH on us! We tried calling Ivan and Nayra (my sister-in-law) to come to our rescue, yet neither of the two were answering their phones! We both laughed thinking we were going to have no choice but to do the dishes! After about 40 minutes we finally got a hold of Ivan, who came to our dish washing rescue:) I ended my day with an enjoyable painting session with Mena! It was so relaxing.
Tuesday was also full of activities! I took a walk in the morning with Hilda(my mother in law). I walked 3/4 of a mile...still have 12 miles to go:) Tuesday was also Mexican Mother's Day! My sisters Rosie and Hilda, Dad,Maria(Rosie's roommate)and I took my mom out for a Mother's day lunch! We indulged in the wonderful soup, salad, annd breadsticks special at the Olive Garden of course:) Afterwards we did some shopping! I found some adorable wedge shoes which I can actually walk in! I havn't attempted or think I can wear heels yet, but these wedges were so walkable in I just had to get them! The day went by so quickly! It was soon six o'clock and I was beat! I couldn't seem to feel hungry for dinner. I wasn't sure if it was because I was still full from the OG or just one of those lame sideaffects. It wasn't untill about almost ten o'clock that I had Ivan take me to a taco truck. I ate about half a burrito, got grossed out, and just wanted to go to bed. I woke up this morning feeling so much better thankfully:) Today will also be a busy busy day. Gotta fit in as much as I can before the chemo begins.... :) I'll fill you all in on the details later!
Thank you all for your constant prayers! Love you all, keep on following!

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  1. Patty, you look so beautiful in those pictures, you classy lady you! Suzy did a spectacular job photographing you all. I really like your idea to get back to painting. I bet it will be very therapeutic, also, you are just so good at it! I loved the paintings you hung in the apartment we shared, it brightened up the room so much. Maybe you can make a website to show off the pieces you make. I bet people would buy them!

    Still sending good thoughts your way for the road to come. Hope you have a beautiful Thursday.