Friday, July 8, 2011

No more smelly sheets

The hospital sheets here have a distinct smell. By distinct, I don't mean in a good way. They smell like....a hospital. It's not a strong intolerable pungent smell, but odd and hospital like. It sort of resembles the smell of a convalescent home or a home that hasn't been lived in for months. Since I was to stay in this mobile bed for the week I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible so I asked Ivan to please bring me a pillow and blanket from home today. I feel so much more comfortable with a touch from home. Besides the smelly sheets, which are now in the past, my stay has been good. Of course I don't get any sleep during the night, but that's pretty common during all my hospital stays. The nurses have to monitor the ph level of my urine to make sure my organs are functioning appropriately which requires me to give them a pee sample every four hours. I was in the deepest sleep last night having an intense dream, which was sadly interrupted by a shake from my nurse. I was able to easily fall back asleep, but then shaken again for another pee test at 6. Of course breakfast arrives soon at 8, and the internal medicine doctors begin to drop by to check in with me and I'm tired as heck. They expect me to be lively and awake, which is the exact opposite of how I feel. One even commented, "aww are you being a sleepy head today?" rude! Yes I am being a sleepy head, so let my head sleep away! I hate these pee test!
This stay seems to be going by a lot slower than last time:( I hope it starts to speed up soon! Ivan and I's 1 year anniversary is on Sunday and we are hoping I can be out soon after so we can celebrate!
Just a few more days...

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