Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The secret gem of marriage...

My hospital stay came to an end, and I couldnt be any happier! The more times I have to be hospitalized, the more I'm thankful for the days I'm not there. Gosh, how great is it to not have to be in the same room all day!! Freedom never tasted as sweet as it does now! The day after I was released from my "second home" Ivan and I went to napa followed by lake Tahoe:) I couldn't be more excited to celebrate our one year anniversary!! The year had flown by, and I couldn't help but think of how much had changed within just a year. After only 9 months of marriage, Ivan and I were confronted with one of our biggest challenges yet. An unexpected life occurrence that has truly tested the strength of our commitment to one another. Going through this challenge with Ivan has shined a new light of what marriage means. Marriage is saying yes to everything! Even yes to illness. Ivan could have easily chosen to say no and walk away to what seemed like an impossible relationship to hold...but he didn't! He said yes! He said yes and accepted my illness, my 6 week hospital stay, yes to never leaving my side, yes to all the side affects that came from the illness, even my bald head. He has said yes to working more while I'm not being able to, yes to giving up our apartment, yes to living with less, yes to taking me to constant doctor appointments....he has said yes to absolutely everything!! And that I believe is what a marriage is. As amateur as I may sound, since ive only been married for a year; this is perhaps the most valuable gem I have discovered in having a successful marriage. I'm so incredibly thankful god has revealed this gem through Ivan to me after only a year! He must certainly be rooting for us;)
I started my new job yesterday and I absolutely love it!! Not only am I thankful to be getting out of the house, but I get to be around art and kids, my two favorites! It's so great to be in a classroom again. It makes me feel like I'm gaining a piece of what I lost. I will get to teach 2 lessons next week, which I can't wait for. I'm looking forward to the incredible feeling I get being in front of a classroom feeding new knowledge into my students, there is nothing that excites me more;)

Amen for our passions, and for having the ability to share them with others!

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