Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm done! Hip hip, hooray!

And so the second phase of my treatment ends!! Goodbye to hospital stays, with mortifying cafeteria food, smelly sheets, loud hallways, beeping machines, sleepless nights, sad white walls, long boring days, poking needles, uncomfortable beds, and last and certainly least, IV pole. You will certainly not be missed! I know we had our many many days together, yet I wish to not drag you around anymore for I hope to be a very long time.
After coming home from my last hospital stay I was challenged by sick nauseous feelings, stomach aches, and loosing my excitement for food, which is by far the worst for me. Dr. Ivan of course had me on a strict schedule which was simple, yet so difficult for me to do, relax. After getting used to all the energy burning through my body these past few weeks I wanted to do the exact opposite. But, I knew the only way I was going to recover and get back to my skipping and jumping was by taking it easy and getting some much needed rest. So I did, and managed to quickly recover within a week :) just in time for a wine tasting party Ivan and I had planned on attending with some friends, which was a fantastic way to celebrate.
I also started a new additional job this past week as a tutor. My fist session went very well. I have a small group of kids twice a week that I will be tutoring in English. Hopefully I can find a teaching job for next year within these next couple of months. The market seems rather empty though, yet I'm sure the right opportunity will come along when it's supposed to.
I started my marathon training back up this past week. It was a little challenging after taking a week off, but became easier after the second day. I'm just glad and thankful I was able to feel well enough to go back to training! I will continue keeping you all updated on how that's going.
This past Wednesday Ivan surprised me with tickets to a Warriors basketball game. I've always wanted to go to a professional basketball game, and was so excited when I found out we were going to one. He had planned it with some friends of ours and made all the arrangements without me finding out. He even ordered us shirts to wear. He is not into the whole valentines day very much, which is fine because the game was way better than any box of chocolates or plush teddy bear!
Well, I must go to bed. Its way past my bedtime, and i must get some rest for my long day of training tomorrow. It feels so great to be done with the worst part of my treatment regimen. I definetly feel that things can and will only get better from here! God bless you all and keep following.


  1. Yay... Glad to hear. You are a strong young lady. Best wishes.

  2. Good news! You are an amazingly positive woman. Abbott misses you.

  3. Thanks so much!

    Carla, I miss you all at Abbott! Sending my love!

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