Friday, May 4, 2012

And the race continues...

And the race continues! Last week my family and I had a garage sale fundraiser for our Be the Match walk taking place next week. We were able to raise a total of 250 dollars! Our goal was 500, and we surpassed it! It was such a great time having our family unite for this amazing cause. Even the little kiddos did their part by selling cupcakes and lemonade...if anyone out there is interested in donating to our team, visit and donate to be the match be the one run, team "kick it in the butt." The San Diego half marathon is also quickly approaching too! I've been working my tail off getting my weekly miles in so I'm ready for race day! I love to walk/run, but I do get bored at moments, so I try and change it up from time to time and attend a workout class at the gym instead...anything that gets my blood flowing and heart pumping works. Alright so I must share with you all my new hobby for this month...yes, another! Sewing! I decided to sew my friend Alyssa a clutch that matches her wedding colors that she can use for when we are all out in Hawaii. I saw something on a DIY YouTube video (another one of my new guilty pleasure hobbies)and was inspired to try it! I didn't do half bad, yet the stitching inside was a bit rusty, but no one will be looking inside I figured. I can honestly say I have never dabbed into so many new hobbies before...thanks to cancer I've had the chance to try lots of new past times;) On a separate note, I have one more week left of work at the after school program and tutoring:) yay! I get two short weeks off, and then I start teaching summer school for a month. And once summer school ends its off to Hawaii!!! Ivan and I's close friends are getting married in Maui and we are both super excited to attend! It will be an opportunity for us to finally get a honeymoon and also a time to celebrate getting through this past difficult year. We can't be more excited! Tomorrow Ivan is off, so we are taking off on a spontaneous day trip...who knows where we will end up! This is the first Friday he has been off in months since he has had classes on Fridays this whole semester. I'm sooo proud of him for getting through his first semester back at school. He did super well in his classes. I'm a proud wifey! I should get some rest for our excursion tomorrow. Just wanted to update you all a little. I'll be sure to let you all know about how the walk goes next Saturday. Until then, take care and God Bless! P.s. I've been meaning to post a picture of my new hair coming in...yikes! I've lagged. In case you all are wondering, I look just like my mom, hahaha. Not, but seriously I'll get one up soon! I'm sporting all kinds of new do's as my hair grows back!!! Suggestions??

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