Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ivan and I's mini road trip and our Family Race! : )

Last Friday turned out to be absolutely spectacular!! I mentioned in my last post that Ivan and I were going to go on a spontaneous drive since he was going to be off a Friday finally. We decided to see where our hearts would take us....and a full tank of gas of course. Who are we kidding, gas is expensive in itself, so we would drive as far as 30 dollars would take us! : ) The day was absolutely stunning outside. Warm, yet a nice cool breeze leaving room for lots of happy smiles. I have always wanted to drive down the coast, so we decided to head in the direction of water. As we drove, we listened to the latest albums of Goteye and Red Hot Chile Peppers. I love listening to entire albums on trips because it creates an imprinted memory of that particular day/s, that way when you listen to that song in the far future you think of that memory and it instantly puts a grin on your face...For instance, the Temper Tramp album reminds me of my daily commute to work across the San Mateo bridge. I would be waking myself up in the mornings singing my lungs out with the windows rolled down, with the cool breeze in my face. Making sure to quickly turn down the music and roll up my windows just in the nick of time as I pulled into my school's parking lot. It was my version of coffee. And yet till this day, everytime I hear a Temper Tramp song it never fails to remind me of those happy days. Before you knew it we were at a Free wine tasting room at Casa de Fruta (don't remember the freeway, sorry!). How we ended up here...wel that is pretty simple, we saw FREE! And to our suprise, no purchase, no sign up, no nothing was necessary. It was just plain FREE! We indulged in some good ole fruit inspired wines, and left happy! Our next stop was the San Juan Bautista Mission. Again, we saw a sign, and decided to stop. It was quite fun. We felt like complete tourists, as if we had traveled such a far distance, excited to see every possible site. The mission was beautiful, not to mention the incredible view of florishing vineyards. Ivan recalled a place he had been to with his cousin many many years ago in Big Sur with a waterfall. I had never been before, so we decided to continue driving and reach our half tank mark. We ended up in a park named Julia Phifier Park, which indeed has a waterfall! The sight was stunning, I seriously felt like I was at a tropical island getaway . The water reflected hints of turquosie and sea green. The time we spent admiring this beautiful site did not comp the time we actually spent driving to this magnificent site, although the three hours was well worth the sight in itself. But it was beginning to get late so we decided to head back. On our way home we stopped in Monteray to grab a quick bite to eat. All in all, it was a beautiful day. It is so exciting and fun to not know where you are going and just see where you end up (What life should be like!). During the week, I spent a lot of time working and putting in extra hours at my tutoring site since it was the last week. I squeezed in some new recipes to add to my portfolio :) (Thai Spicy Basil Chicken, Thai style beef salad, and Cuban garlic chicken with fried platanos) I painted some, and began a new collage project (of course). I was mostly looking forward to our family's race on Saturday all week! Today couldn't have came quicker! Our family ended up fundraising a total of 1,300!!! I am super proud of everyone! We definelty kicked butt! The race called for us getting up at the break of dawn, as it was in San Jose and would require a drive. But for once in my life, I didn't mind the early wake up call because I was so excited for the day. A possy of orange dressed peeps (being my family and a few friends) arrived pumped and ready to kick the race in the butt. Being that our team name was Kick it in the Butt, we couldn't fall short of anything less. I don't know what was better, seeing many of my family members unite for such an awesome cause, hearing from actual individuals who had received a bone marrow donation or donated, witnessing a 12 year old kid and his family raise 10,000 for Be the Match after being saved at the age of 2 from a bone marrow transplant that came from an umbilical cord, or the abundant amount of energy everyone had to make a difference in this world! It was all rather touching and so inspiring! The actual run, was beautiful, we all finished!! What a day it was, truly memorable. I hope you all can one day take part in something like this, I promise you, you will not regret it : ). Below are some photos to illustrate all my jibber jabber. And you can see the short do I've been promising to post. Much Love, Keep following!

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