Monday, June 20, 2011

Death is not supposed to be a scary thing. Since I was diagnosed I never placed too much thought on the idea of death. The times that I thought about it, it didn't seem to scare me. Since my dad passed, I've been thinking about it more, but this time I do feel a sense of fear. I feel it's because i have felt how much it hurts when someone passes. I know we can all have our doubts at times, and I've been talking to God about this fear and nervous feeling ive been having about death often. I wonder if when death comes around and one goes to heaven, if they feel the ache of missing their loved ones. I think that's why Ive been feeling this way. I have felt the feeling of agony of losing one person, and dont want to feel the agony of missing every single loved one in my life. But I know God can help me with this one, just as much as he has helped me with every other dilemma in my life. I know that if death should ever come upon me, he will make me feel full, I just have to have faith, faith will conquer my doubts, faith conquers all.

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  1. This topic is very interesting because have you ever been told by someone that part of life is experiencing loss....such as the loss of ur first tooth, maybe a dear pet or a family member. our losses aren't really losses because we have always gained something in return whether it be awesome memories that make us laugh til we cry or life lessons that are important. I have thought of this topic often after I went to a funeral at the age of 12. It's a hard topic BUT an interesting one.