Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I must find a way to get paid for this overtime!

This new job of mine had me pull in some mean over time yesterday. I was there for nearly 24 hrs! I arrived early Tuesday morning for my usual lumbard puncture Tuesday with the company of my mother in law. When I got to the radiology department the nurse let me know that the infusion center had called and I was to report there first because my platelet levels were too low. I headed up the elevator to my second home where I normally take my spot in chair #12. This time I was seated somewhere else. I had never received platelets before. The bags had a yellow mustard color look, weird! As I sat there receiving the funny yellow stuff I chatted away with a fellow cancer patient. He was young like me! I haven't seen many young people come in, so I was excited to finally converse with someone around my age. He was getting treated for a rare type of cancer that he had already once 10 years ago. I asked him how he handled receiving the news that it had come back, and he replied" well, it's something that is always ithe bac of your mind, the possibility, and you just have to learn to accept it and not let it stop living your life" I had never thought too much about the idea of cancer coming back into my life after fighting this battle. I guess it's something I'm going to have to learn to accept. That there is no cure, and it could come back, and I have to be ready to keep fighting. It just seems so hard to have to fight this awful battle again after thinking for several years you have been free from the poisonous thing. We talked about all the restrictions our doctors tell us to have, for instance his doctor told him not go out much like me, yet we still do. I don't blame him though, because living with this sickness only makes me want to live more and make everyday as if it were my last. So yes, I know Im supposed to try and stay inside to protect myself, but no I am not. I will gladly wear a mask and get funny looks to make that trip to the movies or mall.
The platelet transfusion ended and it was off to radiology. By this time it was already 3, and I still had not eaten anything:( I had a different doctor do the procedure this time, he was much quicker! They let me pick the tunes on the iPod I wanted to listen to. The procedure took a total of 10minutes. Its getting to be a routine for me, but im thankful i only have 2 more of these to get through! Afterwards I was. Taken to ER to receive a blood transfusion since my levels had dropped below normal. My sister in law brought me something to eat since I was finally able to eat, but I wasn't able to eat much since I had waited for so long. My blood took forever to get there. It finally arrived around 12. I received 2 units of blood, which left my face with so much color! By 3 am I was discharged with my poor sister in law who stayed up with me the whole time.
So if I was getting paid for this at 14 an hour, 8 hours regular pay and 10 hours overtime I would have made 272 dollars!! I personally feel that was one of the most difficult shifts thus far and feel I deserve a 2 dollar raise if I'm going to be pulling these close to all nighters again!
Today was a good day after getting some much needed rest after the never ending day. I went in for an interview to teach art at a one weeK camp this summer. The interview went great! They want me to come in and shadow the art techer teach some lessons before I start. I was also asked to join their team in the fall called mobile muse, which is an art education program that travels to different Modesto city schools to teach art. It's nothing full time which is exactly what I need! The teachers were completely understanding of my situation, and said I could even pick the days I would want to teach! I'm really excited about this opportunity. I feel it's just what I need to keep my passions of teaching and art alive while undergoing all this treatment. Nothing is going to stop me!
Keep following, god bless!!

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  1. I am so glad you were able to meet someone younger going through everything like you! It must have been so amazing to connect with someone even for a quick time and get to swap stories. That job sounds amazing as well! It could be perfect. They would be lucky to have you!