Sunday, April 3, 2011

All in all a GOOD day... Day 3 Chemo

I miss my students. I've been thinking about them a lot lately. They truly are motivating me to stay strong and get well soon. My goal is to be back in the classroom teaching them kids! Even the ones I don't like sometimes, I miss them too. Last night my mama stayed with me, it was nice to have her around. The change in roommate was nice. Didn't have to see Ivan's face for a night (haha jk). I got a really good rest, I feel my mom did too, I could tell by her snoring! Haha... I was so comfy in my bed, that I didn't want to get up for breakfast this morning. My gooey oatmeal was calling my name! So I propped myself up, sat in the chair and ate away! Sarah and Joel came by, and also my cousin's Maritza and Adrian. Lucky for me I was feeling well and was able to converse with them. They were kind enough to bring me a magazine on the upcoming royal wedding. Lunch was also good. I had mashed potatoes (of course) and vegetable lasagna. Then came the chemo around 3pm. I started feeling very drowsy and tired, I fell asleep for a few hours. My mom and cool cousin Marcos left in the afternoon. I feel my mom left very content and happy to see I was doing well amongst all her nervousness. By the time dinner came around, I wasn't really looking forward to mashed potatoes once again, yet I tried my best to eat through my leftover never-ending thanksgiving dinner. I started getting a headache and wasn't up for continuing to eat so I decided to lie down. After some rest, I felt very well. I got some late night visitors, Richell and Anthony, who came all the way from Modesto. Richell brought me some sexy sweatpants from Victoria secret, I'm hoping to sport that rather than my typical blue gown get up. She also brought me a jar colorfully decorated with puff paint filled with all sorts of wishes, quotes, and funny comments all from friends and family and I can't forget the nice basket. My favorite part was a necklace with the word "survivor" on it. I was also visited by a pair of last minute visitors the beautiful, lovely Chana ( Suzy is typing this by the way) and her boo Alex. I truly missed my Chana banana! I see her as often as I eat mashed potatoes! All in all is was a pretty good day, no vomiting. Just s lil tired but it was great to have great friends and family here with me today. I will not be having chemo tomorrow, rather the doctor will be watching my counts, let's hope that these last few days of chemo have been successful in figting the fight! Cheers to a good day.....keep following..... keep me in your prayers.. One last thing my night nurse who is a quite and shy petite Asian man just recently came to give me my meds, I hate what they taste like so I sat up shot them to the back of my throat with lots of water all while Suzy was saying "dang patty you taking shots now!" we started chanting "shots, shots,shots, shots, everbooody," the nurse looked up with strange eyes and said " oh my, is there a party in here." I replied " yeah didn't you get the invite? you ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the heck outta here!" jk Hope I didn't scare him too much, he still has 10 hours left in his shift. But in my defense blame it on the Che- eee-eee-ee-mo....... and that's a rap!

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  1. sister!! i'm up trying to finish my paper but i decided to take a lil break to see if you had posted anything (& maybe to check my facebook, too) I didn't get a chance to talk to you today but I'm glad to hear there wasn't a much throwing up today. I'm so proud of how strong you have been! I'll give you a call tomo after my class.

    love you bunches
    always thinking of you! <3