Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can I please re live this moment?

Have you ever had a meal soooo darn delicious, you get to the end, look at your empty plate in dismay, sadness, maybe even a small tear comes rolling down your cheek? Where did it go? You think to yourself. You start to wish you can go back in time, and eat that meal all over again...I had this feeling today :) it might not have been the carls jr western bacon cheeseburger on my list, but it was a burger, and let me tell you it was absolutely heavenly. My sister Hilda opened the takeout meal, and at that second my eyes opened wide. I was a kid again at Christmas opening the gift I had been wanting the most. I began to indulge in this delicious monstrous burger of mine. Taking such big bites my sister had to remind me to breath. It was heaven, it was tasteful, it was something else besides mashed potatoes. Happily my food indulgence came to an end. And as I stared down at what was left, there it was, the wish for me to re live it just once delight I laid my head back and replayed the delicious experience in my mind a few times. ;) my nurse O will be coming in soon, and I must not let her down, so walking I must go, especially after the indulgence I had :)
Here's to food! Let's thank God for the food we eat every day, even the food we don't like! Praise it's ability to nourish our bodies, and give us energy to live life just a little bit fuller....mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm good:0

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