Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 9-I'm a fast-food queen??

I had a good night last night. Chanti was an excellent nurse/roommate. We stayed up talking about how married life has been for her, all the cool wedding gifts she got, and just chattered away like two young girls at a sleepover. I'm hoping she got some rest amongst all the raquet around here. I honestly think she slept with one eye open all night, because every time I even moved the slightest she flinched and asked if I needed anything. But then again, that's just chanti, she's always had by back. I'm just glad she didn't have to catch any buckets of vomit last night, I'm guessing we didn't have enough tequila shots to take it to that extreme;)
I miss my ban when he doesnt sleep beside me at night. I missed him so darn much last night that I texted him during one of my early morning pees "missed you, how about that McDonalds?" Of course he agreed, how could he not. Man, I sure have been seeing those brightly colored arches often. I've never craved sausage mcmufffins and hash browns so much in my life before. This time around I felt highly ambitious and asked for not one, but TWO hash browns. My ambitions were met, I practically enhaled the food. Suzy dropped by early this morning. She made me a collage with all sorts pictures to hang on my wall, this place is slowly starting to feel more like a temporary home:) I was suprisingly visited this morning by beautiful mama and my uncle who drove her down here. My moms clear complextion, sweet smile, and gentle hands brought me so much joy. I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort, but I guess that's what moms do;) shortly after my mother in law Hilda arrived with Nayra (my sister in law). I hadn't seen Hilda in almost 3 weeks. I truly missed her, and seeing her made me feel so much closer to home. I also got a peak of Isaiah, as he waved to me from the door with the overwhelming large blue mask on his face. I'm sure the mask is giving him new ideas on wrestling costumes he can strut around the house in.
I'm receiving 2 units of blood today since my blood counts were nearing zero. I don't feel achey at all, just tired, without any energy. What can I say I'm pooped! Im digging through every inch of my body to find even one once of energy.Perhaps after getting some blood in me, I will start feeling more like my energetic self. I probably won't be quite ready to put on a show yet, but who knows blood is a pretty powerful thing ya know! It's quite fascinating, yet a little creepy to think I have someone else's blood in me. I wish I could kindly send a thank you letter to this generous person who has helped save my life. Well whoever you are, "thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
The nurses say I ask a lot of questions, and say it's the teacher in me. Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I'm just becoming so interested with the science of all this and all the procedures and protocol they must follow. I was never a fan of the sciences, but I guess when things start applying to you, you just start caring.
Well Im off to get my blood, wish my body well! Hopefully it will give me some color, I miss my rosie cheeks....


  1. Let us know how the new blood is doing! Hoping it treats you well and makes your body stronger. But, I gotta ask, do you feel like a vampire, maybe even just a little bit?

  2. Hermana fast food queen just wanted 2 let u know I and we are missing you MUCHO!!! Thinking of you & Ivan everyday!!! Can't wait till u come home so we can toast to your health, happiness n wellbeing with some Moscato, blue moon or whatever u n Ivan my future compadres...LUV U!!!!

  3. Alyssa, yes, I guess I did sort of feel like a vampire, minusthe neck bitting. My eyes have been very sensitive to light, who knows maybe I am a vampire;) lol To be honest, I just couldn't bear staring at the blood going into me, even my mom was creeped out she said watching it droop into the IV line. I just tried not to think about it...

  4. I can't even imagine how weird it must be. I remember giving blood was weird enough, but getting it must be even more strange. Well just in case you are turning into a vampire, try to stay away from garlic!!! Glad your mama is there with you <3 Espero que puedan descansar un poco juntas! Cuidate Patty!