Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 12-Did I go to a Rockin party last night I don't remember about??

I woke up two additional times last night due to that late night pizza. But let me tell you, I don't regret it one bit; that pizza has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me;)
I've never experienced one of those really really bad hangovers people describe. Most of the supposed"hangovers" I've had have been nothing more than a mere headache a quick advil could kill. But I've seen the misery of people experiencing"the horrible, most terrible, hangover of their life" and it doesn't seem quite fun. It's the reason why I choose to limit my avoid that deadly no good feeling. But today, I feel I awoke experiencing "the horrible, most terrible, hangover of my life" minus the drinking. How could of this happened?? My theory is I must have snuck out of my bed, snapped my IV off, and crept out of this hospital to attend the nearest Baldwin Park house party and made it back into my bed just before 5am to get my blood drawn, making it impossible for my nurse to find out.
Nauseous, nauseous, nauseous, headache, headache, achey, achey, is what I felt all day. So the impossible has happened, I have experienced the "horrible, most terrible, hangover of my life" all without a drop of alcohol. It will forever be one of the world's greatest mysteries of how I managed to experience this horrendous feeling with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of zero. I will certainly be continuing my streak of limiting my alcohol intake to avoid ever feeling this disgusting way in the future.
Even with my "hangover" I managed to take two walks today and do the impossible...duh duh duuuuuuuh.....shower! I tell you this simple task I once did daily, has now become every three days. So don't be offended if I smell, it's part of the reason they make you wear a mask when you come in.
I spent the rest of my afternoon like any normal hungover person would, lying around wishing I hadn't drank that much last night and gone to that house party. I managed to do one productive thing today, cross an item off my list of " things I must eat before I lose my appetite." I was not visited by the golden arches this time but by the one and only golden star :) That's right people, I had a bacon western cheeseburger. As I used my knife to cut that burger in half I dedicated it to the person who taught me about this delicious "barbaqueness" of a burger, my big bro Roland Regalado. I still remember being a kid watching him lick that sticky BBQ sauce off his fingers. After I ate that sloppy mess I did what I had to do....took a walk. Followed by my walk I did what was expected, laid in a food coma like a normal hungover person would.
Later on I had a late night visit by my friends Suzy and Alex. I told them all about the crazy party I attended last night. Suzy commented she too had attended those crazy BP house parties in her time and still remembers those plastic red cups. She told me that if she had known I was interested in going out she would have pointed me in a better party direction.
So that was my day. I ended it nicely with the second most productive thing, I ate a scrumptious MIckey D's apple pie. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a far more productive day for me, I'm not going to any parties tonight, that's for sure:)(
Ivan will be staying with me tonight while my mama stays over with my cousin. I'm getting my biopsy done Thursday, please keep the results in your prayers. The oncologist commented to me today that the lymphocyte level has not come down as much as she would have liked, but the biopsy will be able to clearly tell her how the treatment has been working and how much more is necessary.
Say lots of prayers and keep following! Here's to day thirteen tomorrow.....

Ps Ivan says go dodgers!(suzy is writing this)


  1. I'll say a chaplet for you guys. Stay strong.

  2. Thank you soooo much Addie!! You're the best:) God bless!

  3. Hi Sis! Funny you posted this cause after we talked on Monday...I was thinking that what you described to me sounded like you were having food hangovers or chemo hangovers....either way any kind of hangover sucks-I know, been there too many times ;) So here's a prayer that these hangovers will ease up!! Can't wait to see you next week! Luv ya!!

  4. Sister, yea crudas are no bueno:( feeling good today though...layed off the booze last night ;) going to do some painting today....I'm excited!!
    And yes, keep praying to diosito that these visious crudas ease up porfi! Love you all, tell my beautiful nieces I send them kisses and hugs! Can't wait for your visit!!! Hope you are having a good day!

  5. The crudas are normal after all the chemo...I remember that Mike would tell me the same. He never drank alcohol as well...he would always say that he was dizzy and had a head ache when he was done with chemo. Keep your spirits up chica. YOU CAN DO IT!! SI SE PUEDE!!! todo tu sufrimento ofrecelo a Dios. He will hold you by the hand and help you get thru the rough ride. Also will your hubby Ivan...My heart and soul is with you guys in these moments. I am here for you guys if you need me. Remember that I was in your shoes about 4mths ago and I know everything you both are going thru. Muchos besos y abrazos Patty!