Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6

They're just minor headaches. I'm trying to train myself to think these headaches are minimal, but it's difficult. We have great power over our brains and pain is just an idea. I remember when I was in high school running cross country, I used to think I would never be able to run eight miles. "How would I be able to push myself," I'd ask. I've been thinking about how I was able to manipulate myself to think I wasn't feeling any pain and train my body to go further than I ever thought I could go. A good friend of mine named Chandler told me that he thinks of himself as a machine when he runs. He tells me he trains his brain to eliminate pain and exhaustion. I think back to the feeling of glory after I would finish a 3 mile race and reminisce back when I felt my weakest, I also felt my strongest. But training ones brain this way is a challenging thing to do. But I know there is more pain to come and I could only hope to prepare my mind into thinking it's only minimal because pain is temporary but the feeling of triumph lasts forever.
With that thought, besides the minor headaches today was a good day. I managed to get out of my four wall dorm room and take two strolls around my neighborhood floor. Let's not forget I was able to watch American Idol tonight, ironically I think back to when the season first started and Ivan and I would cuddle on our small couch and tune in every Wednesday and thursday night and now we tune in from a hospital room and although we can't cuddle on our nice little couch at home I keep telling myself it's only temporary....we'll be home soon.
My list of things I need to eat before I completely lose my appetite is quickly getting shorter. My good friend Suzy went on an adventureous scavenger hunt today. Her determination to bring me one of my favorite dishes (Cuban garlic chicken) was fully met. That was my second dinner for the night, I might add. The sweet fried platanos truly hit the spot! I'm thankful to have a friend like Suzy who would run every and any spotlight just to get me that meal. And as she sits here late at night typing this for me I can't help but feel so thankful to have met someone like her. It's been a blessing in disguise that I ended up getting treatment in LA. Because my good ol friend Suzy is only 5 minutes away.
Thank you God for a good day. Keep praying and keep following.

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  1. Patty- You should make shirts that say "pain is temporary but the feeling of triumph lasts forever." That was so inspiring. Glad Suzy is so close. Hope you enjoyed your comida cubana!
    Alyssa Mills