Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 20- Can't wait to get a breath of fresh air!

I want to smell fresh air
I want to ride in a car
I want to go to the movies and eat buttery popcorn
I want to go on a beautiful hike, soak in a wondrous view
I want to go to the ocean, have a picnic, watch the moon
I want to see my nieces, squeeze them tight and never let them go
I want to have a BBQ, and have the smokey goodness hit my face
I want to go to a baseball game, sink my teeth into something great
I want to just sit, just sit, at home on our couch
I want to go to the mall, try on clothes I'll never be able to buy
I want to smell fresh air

But all these things must wait awhile more....I just can't wait!! ;)

Another awesome day....I can't complain!! 15 laps around the floor! I kinda want to get a pedometer to measure how much walking I'm doing.... boy does it feel good! My day today was full of sister time! I didn't realize there were so many things she didn't know about me, like the fact that I had my belly button pierced when I was 18....oops I must have forgot to tell her about that one! Spending quality time with her has been such a blessing. We never really get to just talk, her and's been so nice:)
Today was not a very good day for my stomach....I felt like a bottomless pit. I couldn't tell my stomach was full and wanted to eat everything in sight...I'm thinking chemo might have the opposite side effects on me sometimes...but I'm not complaining! I'm sooooo grateful I'm still able to eat, because it would be making it that much more difficult for me to recuperate, so thank God for that!!
I was visited today by Ivan and I's padrinos (tio Jaime and Tia mari). It was so nice to see them! Mari gave me a little crystal angel that read "heavens angels are watching over you." I hung the angel on my best friend (my IV machine) I'm hoping the angels start coming on my walks with me;) I'm also hoping they can lend me their wings sometimes so I won't get so exhausted!
With that said, I'm also hoping they lend me their wings to fly outta here soon...I'm getting so anxious, the countdown has begun! I'm going to bed early tonight so tomorrow will come faster, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day;)

Night every one! Pray for my flight out of here soon! Love you all, God bless!

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  1. Patty our angel Mike(my husband) will be right with you...He went thru everything you are going thru. He is our angel and we ask him every night to help you get thru this. GOD will continue to hold your had and help you get thru every day he will give you the strengh to fight and be strong. We will continue to pray for you and support you. We send you lots of HUGS and KISSES!