Monday, April 4, 2011

CAUTION: This content may be cheesy, too cheesy for your liking

Mi Esposo, My Husband

I have an amazing husband, I can not lie, someone who has been near at my side. Although it may seem cheesy, as cheesy as can be to write about him, I dare say, " I'm opening this cheese can for he." so take out your best crackers, with salt I feel, you would prefer, cuz it's about to get cheesy up in herr...

He's a goof ball I tell you, always making me laugh. Impersonating every nurse, doctor, and staff, he's really got it down to the max. So down, that he even fooled me! "knock knock" I hear. "Mrs. Ramirez, it's time to take your blood." I turn to my friend and angrily mutter under my breath, "Ah Shit! It's the third time today." to my pleasant yet upsetting surprise it was my hubby just in disguise.

He's been my #1 DR., always I tell you, harassing me! "did you drink your water,
Did you take the meds, did you brush your teeth, did you rinse your mouth, did you, did you, did you??"

"yes I have 'Mr. Regalado'" as I glee with a small smirk. I joke with him, since the nurses/ staff have all called him this by mistake.

He's been by my side every night, every tear, every laugh, every fear. I can't complain, he's a darn good roommate here. Except when he's infused with his PSP, that's when I can't get him to do "nothing for me lol". With his stylish blue mask, it's hard to steal kisses, but every once in awhile he manages to cheat and kisses me on the forehead right before I go to sleep. :-)

He's great I tell you! Even if he does like the Dodgers, I guess that can be his one minor fault. Through and through, he's more than I can ask for. God truly knew what kind of man to pick for me, minus the part about the Dodger fein.

So there's my cheese, I'm sorry it just sprayed out! I hope it didn't get anywhere it won't come out! I'm just so proud to have a husband like Ivan by my side.


  1. This is so beautiful... I just lost my husband to cancer and I felt the same way about him. He was our world. Remember that LOVE is power and love him like there will never be another day....There is always a soulmate for us. You found your soulmate and thank GOD everyday for him. Love your blog.

  2. I forgot to mention that I was just like your husband with my husband. I always was his #1 DR. I always did the same.

    Did you take the meds, did you brush your teeth, did you rinse your mouth, did you, did you, did you??"

    We sometime will go overboard....It because we love you guys so much.

  3. Patty this sounds amazing. I can feel the comfort in your heart as i read this. I just wanna hug and squeeze you! I can't believe this would happen to someone i just love so much. At first i was afraid..i was so scared for you, but i can feel in your writing and in your voice that you will pull through any challenges. love you my dear friend. I'll be writing you often. :) AND i will see you soon <3
    p.s. we shall have pillow talk soon. (you give the best advise)<3

  4. One more time...I LOVE YOUZZZ! mauh!

  5. Patty,cuz,friend, Just read your journal:> bare with me I'm never on d computer;>(i'm old school)I'm so proud of u!!! I leave to Mex Sun. n reading this helps cause I'm scared n had been wondering what my mom is going through. She has explained the same things you r going through. She asks how your doing n has said "patty is strong she'll fight it" I say a prayer everyday for you n my mom. Even though we r not there next to u, your in my heart everyday:> i love u cuz!!!! Gaby

  6. What a sweet post!