Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 21-My monthly acomplishmnets

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since I was first admitted. Four weeks....gosh, 1 month! One month is a long time! I don't think we ever really take the time to ask ourselves very often"what have I accomplished this month?" We need to do this more often!! We need to take the time to congratulate ourselves for even the smallest accomplishments we have made, take the time to feel proud and confident! I may have not been able to leave this hospital, but I'm going to recognize the small accomplishments I've made while I've been here:
1. Hold conversations with nurses/doctors about the color of my pee, how many times I've peed, amount of times I've pooped, and even describe my poop all without laughing...
2. Use one arm to change
3. Use my left hand to eat and wash my hair, I think I may no longer be right handed;)
4. Managed to make all of my vomitting in a bucket, or an easy clean up location! Score!
5. Eat meals without even feeling a bit of hunger, without grossing myself out!
6. Managed to take Biology 101 over! Thanks to some student nurses who nicely drew out pictures and diagrams for me, I understand the biology of this illness! Don't know if I can teach any of you though, sorry, science is still not my expertise....
7. I have become an expert at swallowing multiple and large pills at one time!
8. And finally, a shot in my butt is nothing but a finger poke now!

That felt great, now you!!
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  1. Haha a finger poke?! Wow I'm still scared of needles! Lol
    Good to hear a great attitude patty!

  2. Hey Patty it is great to see your doing a little better! I am planning on coming Friday next week to see you wonderful face. I am gonna stop on my way up to sf! hahah I am glad you are learning the ways of bio! You have such a great attitude! But the way you say all these small goals are quite humorous!

  3. Mena, haha maybe that wasn't the correct wording I should have love u!

    Lindsay, can't wait to see you cute button face!!

  4. Patty I might not be able to come up friday :/ but maybe sunday i will keep you updated i hope I can see ur loveliness!