Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 18-Could it be a Miracle?!

Could it be a miracle?! Great, great, great news everyone!!! The biopsy results showed that my bone marrow is completely free of leukemia cells!!!!! Like completely free, zip, zero, NADA!! (when the biopsy was first done my bone marrow was 90% leukemia) As my oncologist gave us this news she grabbed my hands in complete excitement and enthusiasm. Ivan, my sister Sovia, and I all gave each other high fives and gleed in ultimate happiness!! It's just soooo unbelievable!! But it's all to you out there who are praying, sending me your thoughts, positive energy, and support!! The battle is not complete though....even though I feel I can breath and see that finish line ahead of me!! I will continue the rest of the protocol treatment through day 28. I will have another biopsy done on day 28 which will hopefully show reproduction of good normal bone marrow and no sign of leukemia cell please keep praying and keep sending me all your great energy because you are all helping me continue kicking this thing in the butt!!!
With that awesome news said, today was another great day! I wake up in excitement to live another day, to get going and moving! Today I managed to take 4 walks accumulating 12 times around the floor, the most yet!! A man that's always in the lobby has started to call me" the marathon runner!" haha it's quite hilarious! He's always commenting something new about me being out on the floor, sometimes creepy, but funny! Even my sister Sovia broke out a sweat walking with me today! Lol But I must rebuild my strength little by little. My calves are completely drooping! They remind me of my childhood bus driver Tiny, and the way her arms used to flap when she would wave us down for standing up in the back of the bus :)
I even showered today people! It's no longer every 3 days anymore, it's every other!!! Seriously,these once minor things I could do so easily, are major accomplishments for me!;) I probably shampood and conditioned my hair for the last time today until it grows back too!!! I will definitely be saving some money on hair products for awhile, yes! After I got out of the shower I had a huge knot in my hair. I decided there was no point in brushing it out, so my sis gave me a new hair cut!! I now sport a temporary I guess you could call.. bob cut;) it's quite funny looking I might say, I'll try and post a pic for your entertainment!
Tonight should be a good night. Going to hang out with my sister Sovia and Ivan, make some more crafts and do some reading. I just feel so happy, alive, and so thankful you all out there are cheering for me! God is truly listening to you all, and I can't even express how incredibly thankful I am!! :)
Go out and celebrate for me today! Celebrate the power of people coming together for a cause! It's sooooo powerful!! Cheers;)
Love you all!!


  1. Meant there would be no problems anywhere on earth

  2. I just started following and reading and I shed a tear or two... I will keep on praying for you

  3. Yay! Patty! Woo hoo! I'm gonna have a drink this week and cheers to you my dear! Xoxo! Keep it strong girl! Work them kinda-there muscles cuz we're gonna use them for that marathon in October!

  4. Im so happy to hear that patty. I knew all along that you would win this battle....I know that on the 28th you will be leaving that hospital healthy and strong!!!

  5. Hey Patty, it's Gabby. I'm so happy treatment is working! I had no doubt you would get better :) Once you are out and healthy we will have to have some more fun playing Just Dance ;) I can't wait to see you and I hope you continue to do well!

  6. I'm so happy Patty I knew God would listen you have always been and will always be one of the most amazing people I have ever known, I don't think I could have survived those years without you! me and the girls go to bed praying for you and we wake up praying for you! And although we will keep praying for you we will also celebrate! Sending lots of love and prayers! Xoxo

  7. Patty, no lukemia cells!! Praise God!! You keep working hard on your recovery, we will all be here waiting for you to come home!! Madre Anchondo

  8. Hey Patty
    This is Miguel from Hometown in Motown. Hey u doing great job,keep it up. I been checking on u. Our prayers go out for u and ur family.

  9. Tom, yay!! Hope to see all my Falcons soon!!

    Luis, thanks for following and thank you for your prayers!

    Mena, yes have that drink for me!!yes, I'm already training, so you better start! ;)

    Saira, going for the win, but still got some distance up ahead! It's like cross country, I'm half way there...

    Gabby, yes I'm walking more and more everyday, so I should be able to dance by the time I get home!! Be prepared! ;)

    Lisa, well it's because of all your prayers that I'm feeling better! Keep them coming, I sense the finish line...;) love you all! Hugs to my darling KK and Bella! Their paintings cheer me up every second I'm in my room!

    Madre, yay! I'm working my hardest, but your prayers and energy are keeping m going! Can't wait to be home!!

    Miguel! Thanks for following, and thank you thank you for your prayers!! I'm moving forward, staying positive that I'm sooo close!

  10. OMG!!!! I am so glad to hear the good news Patty! I am so happy for you. You are truely an inspiration and a fighter! Praying for you!!

  11. Dearest Patti,

    I am busting with joy to hear this very good news. Since I heard you were sick, you are on my mind, Dr. Luna's and Phonita's. I just couldn't figure out how to get on this blog, low tech, you know me. Every day I send you lots of strong good energy and thoughts, wishing for you to come through this with all the strength you can muster. I am so so happy to hear the good news. When I first heard that you were ill, it hit me hard, but to read your blog and see how proactive you have been gives me strength. Thank you. Take care and I will be checking. My niece, Grace Arce is a nurse at Kaiser in Baldwin Park. She has gone through intense care for her sister who had cancer. I will try to have her check in on you for us. Your former professors and peers are all concerned. Muchos besos y abrazos, ay que susto nos haz dado, pero todo va salir muy bien.
    con cariño,
    Dr. Arce

  12. Im so happy to hear the great news!!! GOD IS GREAT!! Eres muy fuerte...I knew that you can do it! Keep positive, faith and hope. We will continue to pray for you Patty. I will Let my kids know.They will be so happy to hear the good news. We are here for you Patty, we will be here for support during your journey. XOXOXO

    Maria Montes

  13. Gricelda, yes I'm so happy, keep praying the fight isn't over yet

    Que gusto en escuchar de ti! Me allegro;) thank you for all the good energy you are sending me, it's what's pulling me through this crazy journey! I feel as a teacher I must stay strong, use it as a teaching moment for my students ;) they are keeping me fighting, fighting to be back doing what I love!! That's so funny your niece works here! Yes, I would love to meet her! Si, todo va salir bien, todo siempre, siempre sale bien! Abrazos muy fuerte para todos, Patty

    Maria, yes I am soooo happy, God is good! Pero la lucha sigue, y dios nos sigue escuchando! Thank you for being here for me!! Abrazos!!

  14. Claro que la lucha sigue y tu no te dejars vencer...porque tu eres una mujer muy fuerte y positiva. Yo se que con Dios todo se puede. Tu ere un inspiracion a mucha gente. Estamos todos aqui para ayudarte llegar a donde tienes que estar. Nunca voy a dejar de apoyarte...Siempre estaremos contigo en tu batalla contra esta enfermedad. Yo se como te sientes y tambien se como se siente tu esposo. Dile que tiene una esposa que luchara y es muy fuerte y no dejara vencer se. Y que no estamos aqui para auydar en lo que puedamos. Te mando muchos abrazos y mis hijos te mandan besitos.


  15. wow patty i been following this with heidi and all i have to say is Glory to the LORD! The lord is great and the lord is the best. we need you to give a testimony at church. let me know when you do that at yours. I will continue to pray for you to be cancer free!