Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 25-I'm bald, and still me! :)

I knew the time would soon SVU (law in order) look was beginning to seem rather creepy. Besides the creepy comb over look I guess you could call it, the constant hair on my shirt, back and pillow was driving me nuts! I decided to empower myself to begin to embrace the bald head I was about to encounter by googling images of bald woman. Natalie Portman was the first I thought of, followed by Demi Moore. I stared at several images thinking, " wow, how is it that these woman are still so beautiful without any hair!" I remembered watching an episode of Americas Next Top model several years ago where they had to do a photo shoot bald. It gave me an idea! I thought to myself " this is a once in a lifetime experience, I must have my own photoshoot! :)" Considering I have two amazing photojournalist friends (suzy and Jen) who live in the area, I just knew they would be perfect! The girls set up shop, as Ivan did the honors of slowly using the electric shaver to shave the last short strands of hair I still had on my head. Of course we had some fun along the way. Ivan attempted to make as many other creepy looks as possible. I even sported a west side tail for a minute!! Suzy and Jen snapped away as Ivan concentrated on giving me my new look. The most awkward part was when Ivan applied the cold shaving cream on my head...brrrrrr. As he held the razor and slowly pulled back I felt tingles rush all the way back to my spine.
The process took longer than we thought, Ivan wanted to make sure he didn't miss any spots;) The time came to look at myself in the mirror. As I stared at myself I didn't feel any different. It was weird. I still felt me. The bald head didn't bother me, I even complimented the shape of my head I never knew I had.:) "This isn't so bad I thought, I can get used it," I said out loud. Then came the rush of cold air, ok so maybe that would take some time getting used to! ;)
I slept so much more comfortable last night. I woke up this morning to no hair on my shirt, pillow, or back. I feel free, I'm still me;)

Tonight my photographers will be having part 2 of the photoshoot. I will be sure to post a pic! Watch out Natalie Portman! ;)

God bless you all, keep on following!


  1. Weird! Last night when u sent me that pic, I thought of u doin a photo shoot with your hair like that!! I swear it came to mind haha do it! And u still look pretty patty :) have a good day! Love u menita

  2. Thank you Mena, it means a lot!;)

  3. Awww....It's a new strong WOMEN! You are getting ready for the battle...You are a strong positive women that will fight and never give up! GOD will hold you by your hand and give you strength to continue your journey. I know how hard the ride is...But just want to let you know that you have lots of people that care for you so much and we will be here to help you get thru this. Besos y muchos abrazos! XOXOX

    Maria Montes and Kids