Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 26-What a day!

What a day!! I was woken up to surprise beautiful family! My mom, dad, sister Hilda, and nieces! Gosh, I hadn't seen my dad or nieces in almost 6 weeks!! Seeing them bought me sooooo much joy! ;) My crazy family left at the crack of dawn to be here early, just to spend the day with me! My mom even brought us some delicious posole and enchiladas which we all devoured in my little room. It was just so nice to spend time with them. I took my nieces out for one of my walks. I had to give them their P.E. workout since they skipped school;) I told them about the "gallery of booties" Ivan and I have been caching lately on our walks. I kid you not I've seen 3 of my neighbors butts, they must feel pretty comfortable. It was pretty hilarious, because soon after I told them about this, they too caught a glimpse!! Lol hope it doesn't scar them!
The most amazing part about today was that they cut me loose to go outside for the first time in almost 5 weeks!! As the sliding doors opened I was blinded by real sunlight. The cool breeze on my eyes and forehead felt so sweet! I couldn't help but place my arms up and scream "I'm outside! It's been 5 weeks, I'm outside!" I hope I didn't freak anyone out too was just such a glorious feeling! I'm assuming it's how someone feels after being locked up in jail for a long period of time... I'm hoping my doctor will let me out again soon!
The day just continued to get better! Chanti and Gracie arrived to visit as well. With them they brought Hawaii! It was the sweetest thing ever! They brought leis, grass skirts, and Hawaiian punch! We had a luau celebration! The room sure reached it's full capacity:)
After my family, chanti, and Gracie left Suzy and Jen arrived to start the photoshoot! I managed to rest up a little and kill the nausea I was feeling. I was just too excited and wasn't going to let anything stop the show! Suzy applied makeup on me and glamoured me up! I had not put on makeup the entire time I've been here, I forgot what I looked like with it on. It was such an empowering feeling having them snap away at my new look! It made me feel beautiful. My day ended at midnight in complete exhaustion. Thankfully I got the best sleep since I've been here...6hrs straight without being woken up! That's a record!
Such an amazing day! These visits are making the time here go by so much faster...keep following God Bless!

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  1. Whoa girlie, what a day! I wanna see the pictures! :) And I got hungry reading about the enchiladas. ;) I dont know if I mentioned this already but I shaved my head a couple years ago. It was such an empowering experience to realize that the cliche is true: my beauty does not come from hair, it really is from within. And I know the same is true for you. Thinking of you, praying, and reading daily. :)