Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 10- ahhhh Sunday, Gods day of rest

I know what you all are thinking, it's 4:30 am, what am I doing up? I just couldn't sleep, I've been writing in my head the past hour, and realized that I probably won't be able to go to bed until I get these thoughts out of my head. I didn't get a chance to update you all yesterday, I do apologize, but I feel God was giving me a day to truly rest. After the crazy migraine the night before and getting that morfin I woke up feeling a whole lot better. I'm not going to lie I was wiping mounts of drool off my face every hour, I was truly out;)
I ate like a queen yesterday, what can I say I'm pretty spoiled. My uncle brought me a delicious stack of blueberry pancakes in the morning, not to mention I finally had my favorite Salvadoran dish of all for lunch, pupusas revueltas! Mmmm, with platanos fritos of course and arroz con frijoles mezclados. My mom laughs at me saying,"are you sure you are Mexican, you seem to like all the central american food so much?" I just laughed back and told her maybe I just had a previous life there.
I spent my morning relaxed. Listened to pandora radio while doodling in a sketch pad my good friend and artist Sarah brought me. I doodle often here, it's very soothing for me. My sister in law Annabell sent me some paints and a canvas I can't wait to paint on!! I'm already brainstorming the design in my mind. As soon as I get that spurt of energy you best believe I'm going for it.(thank you sister Annabell!!)
My afternoon was peaceful. I rested, and was also visited by some friendly friends who I hadn't seen in years. Jonalisa and Giana came by! They are friends I met back at SF State's inner varsity Christian group. It was so great catching up with both of them. They brought me some exciting goodies, I'm looking forward to eating the candy most of all! They even made a dinner run for Ivan and I to give mr. Food pick up man(Ivan) a break. You two are absolutely wonderful, we are forever grateful!! I had yummy chicken flautas for dinner, I tell you, I'm spoiled;)
I caught up with my sister Rosie last night on the phone. I miss her so much, it made me happy to hear her little voice. I told her about my spoiledness, she just laughed and said"who cares, milk it!" I told her I felt like I was a pregnant woman. Im getting food cravings, making Ivan go get it for me, getting nausea, vomitting, morning sickness...she just laughed and said"well when you really become pregnant, you will have no problem with all the side affects!" To all you woman out there who have been pregnant, I understand your pain now, no wonder why moms love/hate their kids. "After all this,"I told Rosie, "maybe no kids??" "Yea right!" she said.
My mom is staying here for a few days with me, I'm so happy to have her around. Hilda(my mother in law), Nayra and Isaiah left yesterday:( I hope to see them again soon.
While I got up to pee a few hours ago I thought of a funny story that happened a few days ago I just had to share. Using the restroom is a bit of a challenge for me. My pick line is connected to an IV machine, so I have to roll the machine closer to the bathroom, untangle any cords, and make sure my cord is long enough to wrap my arm around my back for cleaning purposes ;) all in all it can be quite time consuming sometimes. The other day I must have felt the tingle a little too late, because once I managed to get up with the help from Ivan pushing my machine closer to the bathroom I missed:( Ivan stared at me in laughter and said"did you just pee yourself?" I couldn't do anything but shrug my shoulders and say"I couldn't help it, my body is weird right now." we both laughed as he stared at the wet mess on the floor. But to be quite frankly honest, it wasn't that big of a deal to me, it wasn't the first time I had wizzed myself. Back in the seventh grade my good friend Jaque and I found it amusing to pick on Rosie while she was sleeping. We would draw on her face, put up dumb signs around her, and just make her look like a fool. One time Jaque decided to place a pair of underwear on her head. To my surprise, I found it to be the funniest thing of all. I laughed so hard at the sight of Rosie sleeping there with a pair of underwear on her head, I peed my pants. Jaque was clever enough to develop a nickname for me after that night, "Pee Wiz Patty." it was funny at first, but I asked her to not let it get out at school, junior high is rough you know, I see it now more that I'm a teacher. Pee Wiz Patty faded, but it did come back to haunt me years later when I was 21 years old. This time the scenario was very different. I was in the car with my friends Suzy and chanti. Suzy and myself needed to get money from the ATM. I was sent out of the car to quickly run to the machine and get the money out for the both of us. I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was all the pin numbers I had to remember, feeling anxious or what. But as soon as I got to the ATM I felt a tingle and there was absolutely no bathroom in sight. Meanwhile Suzy gave me the time allotment of one loop around the entire building in her car. There was no need in saving me, right there and there by that ATM machine I relived my "pee Wiz Patty" nightmare once more. Suzy and chanti cried in tears of laughter. I sat on a large wade of newspaper on the way home thinking, "what kind of grown 21 year old pees her pants?? That's right, only me!" So let's just face it, this recent little peeing incident of mine isn't anything new. Once a pee er always a pee er. But if you ask me, I believe "peeing your pants is the COOLEST!!"

P.S. The CT scan they ran after the horrible migraine episode I had came back clear:) thank you for all those who prayed...I felt really nervous about it. God is listening!!


  1. billy madison?...all the cool kids pee their pants, ahahahha. laughed out loud.

  2. Ay patty! You little cochina hahaha it's so nice
    To read your stories! Btw I hope Ivan didn't have to
    Clean up the pee pee haha and all this food talk made me hungry!! I'll have to call you when I get to LA and ask what I can get for you? Maybe Italian?! Or salvadorian like you said? :)
    Have a good night patty!
    Xoxo menita

  3. Jill, you know it!! I'm the coolest kid around this block;) glad it made you laugh! Hope you are well!

    Mena, I am a Cochins, and of course Ivan helped me clean it up, after he laughed some! I make myself hungry here. I don't feel hungry, but I found a trick. I start to plan the meal in my head, picture it, start getting excited about it, remember the flavors, and start drooling away lol. That way when it gets here I'm ready to dig in. I being a fast eater already have to constantly remind myself to breath, chew, and swallow...or else I would go for a vicious attack.
    And don't worry, I'm already planning on the scavenger meal hunt I will be sending you on when you get here;) please don't be offended, it's the pregnant in me lol
    Gosh I miss you soooooo much, hurry up and get here!!!!!
    Love you muchisisimo!
    Patty- p.s. I got pillow talk for ya;)