Friday, April 1, 2011

My journey begins here...

To start my story I'd like to tell you all how I got here. This past year I've realized I've been getting more sick than often... I was unsure as to why. I always thought I had excellent immunities considering I grew up on a chicken farm lol no but seriously I was never one to get real sick, which is why I knew something was up. Those of you who don't know, I am a 6th grade teacher, this is my first year teaching, which is another reason I felt my health was acting funny, these students of mine do come in with all sorts of germs (I still love them though) any who, I had gone into the doctor back in October for the swelling of my lympnoughs. I was prescribed antibiodics and sent on my way. I returned a few months later for the same thing, again prescribed antibiotics. Recently, about four weeks ago I starting getting really bad migraines, and feeling random races in my heartbeat. I started to think something was up with me so I walked myself right back into a doctors office. The doctor stated that they were hereditary and suggested I take excedrin.
My spring break was getting closer and I was getting super excited to not only relax, but also because my very good friend chantelles wedding was coming up! I had been chosen to be her maid of honor and felt incredibly honored. I had my sub plans set, and was planning on parting two days early from work to help her with her wedding preparations. Meanwhile my students energy was increasing by the second with their excitement to go on break as well. I was happy I was going to escape the their high energy early;)
I left for Lancaster, which is where chanti lives March 23 after work. I had a headache earlier that day, but took some excedrin which ran it down thankfully. When I arrived to Lancaster chanti quickly took note of my pale color and said I looked cold. I hadn't really looked at my face so I wasn't aware. People/my students/my family had also commented in the past about my pale color. We decided it was best that I just get some rest since I did feel tired after a long day at work and 5 hour drive. The next two days were not any better. I had this funny headache in the background, the continued racing heart rates, loss in appetite, and weakness. I was trying my best to hang on to my maid of honor duties, but I knew something wasn't right with me. On Friday Alex and I went to pick up Ivan (my husband) from the airport for the wedding. As soon as Ivan looked at me he knew I didn't look right. He immediately said we were to go to the doctor. We picked up my good friend Suzy, who is alex's girlfriend and was to photograph the wedding the next day from her house. We then headed over to the nearest kaiser which was in Baldwin park. As soon as they checked my blood pressure they noted some abnormality and sent me to get blood drawn. The lab results showed that my red blood cell count was at a 3.1(average is 11-14) my white blood cell count was 1.3(average is 4-11) the doctor explained to us that I was highly anemic and was to be admitted into the er right away. My surprise quickly turned into fear, then to sadness, all I kept thinking about was " I can't miss chanti's wedding!" the doctor made it clear that I would be receiving a blood transfusion and a wedding didn't look promising....I began to cry. I felt upset as to why my body couldn't just have made it through one more day. I called chanti and let her know the heartbreaking news. She insisted to not worry, that my health was more important than a wedding. The night was scary. I had never been hospitalized before. We waited for the blood to arrive, and my transfusion soon began around 2am. Ivan, by my side this entire time had no choice but to sleep on nothing but a few waiting chairs made into his own little bed. In my mind I kept thinking....I just need this blood, and then I'll be fine...


  1. Sissta poots we love u n Ivan for ur strength n love!! God is here wth all the prayers n support of family n friends!! (mayb u can make this a book;)..) ceci n cyndy send u XOXO!!

  2. Patty, thank god you went to the doc when you did. you are still with us, and for that we are all gratefull. Praying for you patty. even all the students at St. stans school, thanks to Cindy Moreno talking to FR. Michael. Stay strong, and know you are loved by all. Madre Anchondo

  3. Love u too madre, so grateful for all your prayers!!

  4. Patty, my family and I will be praying for you! You are one of the sweetest, nicest most genuine persons I have ever met! You are strong and I know you will overcome this. We have had some good times and there are many more to come. We love you!!!

  5. Hello Patty,

    I am encouraged and inspired by your Courage and Strength! So amazing is His GRACE over you and your family! Know that All the Lozanos are on board in prayer for you and that the Sisters of the Cross are too keeping you in prayer before Jesus 24/7 in Adoration!... You are an amazing Testimony of HIS LOVE!!! God Bless you and Ivan and all your family.