Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14 cont.-it's a craft party, hey!!!!

The biopsy was successful!! This time around it only took 25 minutes instead of an hour and ten. My oncologist went straight for the drill this time after the sweat she broke last time. Ivan gripped my hand the entire time as I hummed to some techno tunes to keep me distracted. It wasn't that painful, mostly uncomfortable for a bit. But it was done in no time, and I was asked to lay on my back for a half an hour without any movement. I even got to see my was red?? I asked why and the assistant told me it's like when you crack a chicken bone, it's red inside. "weird!" I thought. I was later brought a late lunch by my sister Hilda. Yummy pasta!
I had a great afternoon! Walked, caught up on the phone with some friends, and just relaxed:) Its been an awesome past two days! I have felt so good, pain free, and just gosh darn happy!!!
The hospital Chaplin had suggested I make a list of goals for myself everyday to make myself feel I have a routine and a purpose for the day. Today was the first day i made a list and attacked my list of goals. All were met but one(which I will accomplish tomorrow;)). Seeing the goals crossed off the white board felt great! I will continue to use this strategy to keep me motivated and feel accomplished.
The only bad thing about today was my favorite American idol contestant Paul McDonald was voted off :( :( I was whimpering so much as he got eliminated the nurse came in to make sure I was ok lol. I still love ya Paul!! My night ended with a colorful craft project. Like I mentioned to you all earlier my hair is slowly beginning to fall out. I couldnt hold back my artistic drive, so I decided to make a happy craft out of my shedding fest:) it's a brightly colored sunflower for all of you to look at:) :) since I can't have real flowers in my room, I just had to make my own of course!!
Well friends I'm off to bed, here's to a beautiful day! My hunny is staying with me tonight, yay!!! Good night and God bless!
P.s. Biopsy results will come Monday. Please pray for good progression from treatment! Love you all!


  1. Patty, you're an inspiration! My thoughts are with you!!

  2. Lynne!! I'm missing all you Abbott Falcons soooo much!! Glad you are following, be might come to find out more about me than you want;) Hope you are having a great day!