Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 24-Happppppyyyyy Easter(the lord has risen!) I'll be in my plastic egg in a food coma...

What a great Easter!! I spent the day hanging out with my beautiful family! Ivan, my sister-n-laws(Annabell and Nayra), Isaiah, Hilda, and even had a very special friend of mine visit, Alexis!! Alexis just got back from Afghanistan 2 weeks ago, and is currently living back in San Diego. It was so nice spending the afternoon with her catching up on old times:) thank you for stopping by girl!! My wonderful sister-n- laws are just sooooo good to me. They went on a mission to get some Cuban food for lunch, which we all happily indulged in! I can't thank those two enough for driving all the way to timbuc two to get it! Lol After the enormous craving I had for it yesterday, it was just soooo heavenly;)
The second best part about today was all the home cooking! Ivan's mom truly spoiled us! She made us her specialty homemade quesidillas for breakfast and cooked us an amazing carne asada, macaroni salad, and rice for dinner:) Ivan and I both ate our food in complete excitement, not to mention our tummys were awfully happy with real food! It will definitely hold us over for another week! After our delightful Easter dinner, I lied in a wonderful food coma so happy and content :) thank you God for letting me enjoy some normal flavors today, you are the best!
Well friends, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well! I have 5 more shots through Friday and 1 biopsy on Thursday left! I'm counting down! Please keep praying for good results so we can go home sooooon:) I'm beat from today! Wishing you all a good night!

Love you all!


  1. Happy Easter Patty! Glad you mother in law was able to make some delicious food for you! It sounds so good!

  2. Ah, Patty, and a brave soldier is she! Happy Easter colega, you sound in great spirits, surrounded by lots of love. At school we share the latest we know about you, trying to outdo each other on who is the most up-to-date: all loving thoughts your way, want you to know.
    Un abrazo,

  3. Alyssa, it was sooo good!! It's so crazy how much more more I appreciate a real home cooked meal!!

    Beatriz, I was in complete good spirits! Having mi familia aqui makes everything ok! I miss you all abbott falcons! Salads, y un abrazo fuerte!:)