Saturday, April 2, 2011

The fight begins, day one chemo

Last night I couldnt sleep much I was feeling nervous, anxious, and uncertainty of what was to come. I new I was going to begin chemo tomorrow and on the list of things to do was receiving my pick line and a spinal tap and starting chemo did not sound very fun. On the morning I woke up feeling like it was the start of something new, it was the first day of my fight and I was ready to move forward and have my boxing gloves on. At approxamitly 10 am I was taken to the radiology depatment to get my pick line inserted, for those of you who done know what a pick line is, its sorta like an IV but with 2 lines that you can insert and remove liquid. The doctor placed my arm inside the xray to get a good view at a good juicy vein. This would be the vein my chemo would be inserted through. The procedure was sorta ackward, my arm was already sore from a previous IV. They numbed up my arm but I could still feel the needle inside moving, kinda felt like a worm slithering. The procedure was rather short though, the doctors quickly wrapped it up within 20 minutes. I left with my arm feeling rather sore, I felt like I just finished a kick boxing class, working my arm out to the extreme. There it was check #1 off my list, I was one step closer to starting the chemo. Later on that afternoon I had a spinal tap (lumbar puncture) a needle was inserted into my spine, to not only take out fluid but also to instert a little bit of chemo just in case leukemia cells were moving toward my awesome brain ( says Ivan). The procedure was surprisingly the least painful thing I went through, again just a little ackward, lucky for me I had my awesome hubby around me to talk me through the procedure. The fluids looked clear when they took it out, hopefully it was a good sign. I will be getting the results in a couple of days, please pray for these results. There it was check #2 off my list. A few hour later I was prepped with medication , steroids to help the chemo move thru, something for my my nausea, and something for my headache. I would give you the technical terms for it I just haven't quite remembered them. A few hours later around 4 the bags arrived, my chemo was here. It looked like a bag of strawberry jam and the process began, again I felt anxious and nervous at the same time. The chemo took about 30 minutes to go into my system. Afterwards I felt some small headaches and nauseas feelings but not to bad. Later that night I felt better and received some rest. My friends Susie and Jen came and later on my friend Helen, she was kind enough to bring me unscented burts bee lotion, which is awesome because smells make me nauseous. Helen also brought me four magazines to keep me entertained. Later I was also visited by my sister in law Annabell who I missed dearly, Ivan said he didn't with a smile. It was so great to see close friends and family, almost like a mini celebration of the start of my treatment. Overall I felt like the side affects weren't so bad today and hoped that tomorrow would be the same. Thank you friends keep on following

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  1. Patty,
    I am here to support you all the way...Keep fighting I know how hard it can be. I faught with Mike ( my husband) thru every moment and I know what you are going thru. GOD is great and powerful...He gives you strengh and hope. Hang in there and GOD bless you and your family. Im here to supprot you!