Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13-It's the BEST day ever!!! (somebody pinch me!)

I don't know what it was in the air today, but today was exceptional:) Maybe it was the good rest I finally got last night or perhaps laying off the booze after yesterdays experience, but today was absolutely amazing!! I woke up in a chirpy and energized mood. I ate a good breakfast and went out for two laps around the floor. Ivan and I were visited by the hospital Chaplin this morning as well. It was so great to talk to him about all that is going on. He advised us on ways we can cope during this difficult time. He prayed over us both which left me in complete peace. I had the urge and spirit to even paint today! I busted out the white canvas Annabell sent me and painted away. It was so uplifting for me to sooth myself through art. As I stroked the brush against the canvas i felt myself escaping to another place.
Right before lunch I started to feel slightly nauseous. I asked the nurse for some nausea medicine which helped just in time for the arrival of my Taco Bell quesidilla;) mmmmm, and what a delicious quesidilla it was. I laughed to myself as I read the mild sauce packet jokes, and happily dripped the tangy sauce on my cheesy dila.
The rest of my afternoon was spent reading, followed by another walk and the Ellen show. It was just sooooo erie. After eating my hospital spagetti dinner I awaited for the typical headache, nausea, and drowsiness and NADA!!! "gosh!" I turned to my mom and said "estoy es muy muy extrano!" (this is really really weird) I took another walk, came back to my room and felt, dare I say it....normal?! I wanted to scream from the rooftops about how great I felt!! So I watched my American Idol as I ate cheez-itz and popcorn thinking to myself"patty, don't push it, you dont want to give yourself an ache by eating this junk!" Still, I ate the junk, and NADA!!! I turned to Ivan and said "seriously it's a miracle, I'm healed because I feel like I can just walk outside right now!!" I just finished brushing my teeth, and I'm sitting here mind boggled about how I almost went the entire day without taking any additional meds....
So maybe it's all the prayers you guys have been saying for me, because I can honestly tell you I felt pretty much normal today:) :) :) !!!!!!! Minus all the hair shedding today, which Ivan turned into his new facial hair lol, today was fantastic!! I don't want it to end!!! I'm pretty speechless right now if you can't tell...I don't know what to say...maybe it's a miracle?!?!
Tomorrow is the biopsy at noon....I ask that we all pray for a miracle that the chemo completely wiped out everything!!! Is that possible? I don't know God is sooooo faithful, and by the looks of today I know he is listening to all of us!!! Thank you all soooooooooo much for your prayers, positive energy, and thoughts!!!! I'm going to bed now because this is really freaking me out....

God Bless you all!!!!


  1. I know that you are a strong women Patty. You are seeing that prayer and faith can really heal...I pray with my babies every night and we ask our angel Mike (my husband) up in heaven to also pray for you. We know that you can get thru this and know that HOPE and FAITH will keep you fighting. Keep thinking positive and know that you can get thru this because you are a strong women. I know how hard some days can be...but just know that you have all your supporters here for you. XOXOXO for you!!!

    I live in Hemet, CA and I am a friend of your prima Maria Hortencia. I went to Middle School with her. I lived in Redwood City most of my childhood. Where can I send you a card? My babies want to make draw you some pictures. They remember how the pictures they drew for thier dad would put a smile on his face when he was going thru chemo and was away from home.

  2. Prayers, prayers and lots of good thoughts to you Miss Patty hoping that the test comes up right where your doctor wants the numbers to be and then some and that today is even better than yesterday. Your room decor is on it's way brightly colored paintings with a bundle of love in them. On bella's she painted on it believe (her spelling a little different) in your  so with that in mind hang in there today and we will be saying our prayers at noon today Love nana kk Bella and Lisa

  3. Maria, I had no idea you knew my prima Hortencia! Your words of encouragement and all your stories of your journey have been a huge blessing! It really consoles my heart hearing about how our journeys are far too similar but with faith we will rise! Thank you for praying for me and my family! Big hugs to you and your babies!! Here is my address: Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center 1011 Baldwin Park Blvd. 4-east Rm.4017 Baldwin Park, CA 91706
    Gracias por todo tu apoyo, espero que llegamos en conocernos pronto!

    Linda, you are all so beautiful!! I will forever be grateful for all the support you guys offered me while getting through college! I would have never accomplished my goals in graduating and becoming the teacher I've always wanted to be without all your support and encouragement! Thank you for all your continuos love and support now as I face this different kind of life challenge. The paintings the girls made me and photo collage are so beautiful!!! It's made my room feel more like home:) miss my KK and Bella sooooo much! Sending you all all my love!!