Monday, April 4, 2011

Todays roller coaster ride-day 4

This ride I'm taking is like the craziest roller coaster you've ever been on. I think of myself getting onto this roller coaster every morning, straping on my seat belt, and anticipate what it will feel like this time around. Of course there are some parts of the roller coaster that are bumpy some that are scary, some that make you sick, and some that make you laugh. And then there are those really suspenseful parts, you know which parts I'm talking about, the part where the roller coaster shoots up really high making you feel excited and nervous all at the same time. And then comes the part when your right at the top and you shoot straight down, you feel like your stomach just went through your heart. I feel all these feelings and emotions all at once. Then comes the part when the roller coaster must come to an end. I start to feel calm, peace, that tomorrow will be a different day, a different experience on this roller coaster. As I unbuckle the seat belt, I shake out my hair and there's a vomit bag waiting for me, just incase the ride was a little to crazy that day, if you know what I mean "wink" ;0


I felt like today was going to be a good day, and it was for the most part. Ive been loosing sleep in thinking about what to write. I start writing in my brain around 5 am after they come take my blood samples and give me my meds. Once again I woke up to my gooey oatmeal, it calls me by my name now. I've been getting these really bad headaches after I eat. My nurse O is super strict on me. She tells me I'm getting these headaches because all I do is lie in bed. She's harsh, yet she's being honest. I didn't want to have to eat or even look at another scoop of mashed potatoes today, so I requested chicken parmiagiana, mmmmmmmm;) while I waited for my yummy parmigiana to get here, i decided to shower. I wasn't really feeling up for a shower, yet my tuff nurse exclaimed " you still havn't gotten up? What are you just going to lie there in your own filth?" As harsh as it sounds, I knew it was true. My blue gown needed to be changed and my body odor was beginning to stinck up the room hehe. My shower was a little disappointing. I started to feel nausea, and as I started to turn off the water, chunckety chuncks came out ( for lack of better words). I wanted to curl up in a ball, which is exactly what I did afterwards. After another dorm room change (that's what I'm calling it) I was loaded with meds to help alleviate the nausea, headaches, and the strange heartburn I had as well. I passed out for about 2 hrs. When I awoke, all I wanted was to finally eat mi chicken parmigiana!! And that's what I did, mmmmm I thought, finally a change in my food pallet. Boy was that chicken delicious....I received a visit from one of my favorite newlywed couples, Chanti and Roger. Chanti brought me a very soft and velvety robe for me to wear, which I will as soon as I get it washed. My nurse O came in again asking me if I had done any walking yet today. I relplied with a soft tone, " no." "well then, what are you waiting for, you are not confined to this room, you need to exercise your lungs, now unplug that IV machine because it's your new best friend, and go out and walk!" she said in a stern yet sincere voice. So that's what I did, I slipped on my festive bunny slippers, and took 2 laps around the floor with Ivan, chanti and Roger. I was excited to be out of the room, I waved to my previous nurses with excitement I shouted "I'm walking!" my nurse O was proud, and commented to me that I needed to take a swing around the floor more often, I responded jokingly back "yes mom." I like this nurse, she really pushes me, and although she might not seem like she shows me tender and care, it's the tough love I need. I need to stay strong, and not lay in bed all day, rather try and do the daily movement I would normally do if I were not here. Nurse O will be with me once more tomorrow...and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the toughness, I need it now more than ever ;) Richell and Anthony will be leaving tomorrow, and my sister Hilda will be coming into town. getting visitors is fun, it certainly makes my time run a lot faster here. Well that's all for today folks, keep on following, and keep praying! Love you all soooo much ;) God bless


  1. Reading your blog was a great start to my day. I love you Patty Cakes, you're my hero chica! Here's a "patty wink" right back at ya ;0

  2. Sister you r toooooo cute and adorable; seriously u r such an inspiration for this day, for tomorrow,...for life!!! I'm so proud of my little sister like u would not believe!! Have a great blessed dia comadre;)!!

  3. Hermanita~ Back at work today...yes tell Ivan I still do have a job...but who knows for how long since I haven't been able to do much actual work today....J/K...they cool w/ me. Anyhow it was so nice chatting with you yesterday!! Your spirit always lifts mine as well as all those who love you. So no puede dormir anoche porque estuve pensando que escribirte y por poco me llevante a la una de la manana porque I had the "perfect" thing to post...y ahora se me fuieron las palabras. Lo que si te digo es que eres mi INSPIRACIÓN no nomas ahora por tu actitud positiva mientras enfrentando esta situación sin no desde antes y por muchas razones!!! Tu valor y fuerza es mas que admirable!! The girls sent you some stuff I'm hoping Rosi can bring them to you this weekend. Here's hoping you don't need many of those vomit bags after today's roller coaster ride....LUV YA BOTH!

  4. Patty,
    My prayers are with you. I know exactly what you are going thru. Hang in there... I road the roller coaster with Mike and I wish I could be there with you and hold your hand. Mike had ALL (acute lyphoblastic leukemia) he also stayed in the hospital for his chemo. He had to do 3-4 days depending on what kind they were doing. He also would feel the same way of some nurses...Mike had a great sense of humor, we would alway joke about the nurses. Keep on fighting Im here for you.
    I know that you don't know who I am but I know what you are going thru and my heart is with you. God bless you!

  5. Patty, next time I visit I'll bring our comebacks sweatbands so we can wear them while we do laps around the floor! ;)