Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 17-The canister must come out!

Where do we keep our faith in God everyday? After doing some much needed listening yesterday I woke up this morning with this exact question in my head. I couldn't help but envision my faith in a nicely colored food canister above our fridge marked"for emergencies ONLY!" I could barley see it of course because gathered all in front of that canister was my cereal, coffee, bread, work, family, husband, friends....How is it I thought to myself that the most useful thing up there only comes out when I truly need it. When it's convenient for me. When I'm desperate, when I have no other freakin clue of what to do. It's not that I don't have faith, but why isnt that canister out in the open, everyday, at the most inconvenient times I asked myself. Having complete faith means having it when it is the most inconvenient time. I shouldn't just open that canister when I need something. I should be going to that canister everyday asking myself "what do you need me to do? How can I serve, how can I make today about you to show you I have complete faith, and make it inconvenient for me please."
I know some people don't believe in anything greater. But in life's encounters like this one im in, it's hard not to. That tingly feeling you get that gives you strength, drive, and positive energy to surpass anything in life, that's gotta be someone! Whoever it might be for you, that someone or something gives us faith. I'm taking that sticky label off that canister when I get home. Going to place it in the middle of our apartment for everyone to see. It's going to be completely open and labeled differently "Use all day, when most inconvenient."


  1. Wow this was a very powerful blog... I totally agree that people should take more time to recognize God .. I know a few people that do not believe in God but when they are in a bind.. They call out to him... it's funny .. It's like he's MR. Fix-it

  2. Definitely a must patty! I completely applaud you for this one.. I can honestly say this accountability really hits the heartstrings for me... Hope the headwraps are coming in useful terms... And my bag of activities has given you some love!

  3. Yes, he is Mr. Fix it! But what do we fix in return? I find it funny too...thank you for sharing Chanti!! Miss you!

  4. Richell, I love the head wraps! I'm going to start wearing them soon...I'm beginning to see a bald spot;)....and your bag of activities, and basket and wishes and the sweat's all being put to use!!! Gracias Amiga!:)