Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Problems with posting comments - ivan

Sorry for all the comment problems.... If you are still having problems posting comments try making a google account, if you are still having problems email me and I will get them fixed as soon as possible.
Thanks for all the support you have all given my wonderful wife, she is truly a blessing in my life

- Ivan


  1. To our miss patty
    KK and Bella send all their I've and kisses and each and everyone of us send prayers and happy thoughts to you each night. The girls painted you paintings for your room and we finished a photo collage your sister Hilda is coming
    By to pick up everything and bring it down to you We are thinking of both of u always
    Love kk Bella Lisa nana and pop-pop

  2. Awww I love and miss you all sooooo much!! Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts!! Sending lots of love all the way back to you all! Can't wait to see you guys!!