Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19-Im training for a marathon!

13 laps today!! Yes! Every day little by little I'm regaining my body strength. The hardest part to accept is squating and not having enough strength to pull myself up, but everyday I attempt a few times to use my "chicken legs" to pick myself up. I'm confident I'll get there eventually. My goal is to complete half a marathon in October at the Nike Woman's Marathon! So Ive started my training...
I've been getting lots of new scarfs, bandanas, and hats to wear on my head lately. Ive been trying them all out, sporting a new one every time I go out for my walks. One of my nurse friends was in complete laughter today. As I walked by her she commented "are you putting on some kind of fashion show, every time I see you, you have a different color headpiece?" I just laughed back and assured her I had way more to come;)
Today started off a little All because of cheese. Who ever thought cheese could cause such a rupture between Ivan and I. This morning I requested an omlette for breakfast from down in the cafeteria. I thought I mentioned I wanted cheese on it, but I guess he forgot. As I cut into the omlette I noticed there was no cheesiness?? I was sad, and said to Ivan "did you forgett to add cheese?" Ivans face drooped, I could tell he was upset because the parfait he had in his hand was soon on my eating table. I didn't mean to get so picky, but what's an omlette with no cheese?? Ivan suggested we switch breakfasts, but I assured him I would continue eating the I just envisioned the cheese in my head (I'm getting pretty good at manipulating my mind to create flavors in my mouth) and made the flavor in my mouth. I apologized after to Ivan, but I honestly assured him I would have given him a hard time about the missing cheese even if I wasn't here! We both laughed as he called me a little brat...but were all brats at one time I'm sure of that! Still I have to remember to be patient, and as much as Ivan is taking care of me, I must also take care of my hubby! Love you Bon Bon, sorry for my brattiness!
The rest of my day was great! I got some rest, read, watched Greys with my sister, and perused some magazines. I also received my third Asparagines shot today. 3 down 11 more to go! My booty is going to be sooo sore after I leave this place. But a shot in the booty everyday is now nothing compared to all the other pain I've endured. I'm pretty sure my pain tolerance will be much much higher after this! I have a checklist of procedures I must still get through: 1 vancristine chemo through IV, 11 booty Asparagines shots, 1 bone marrow biopsy....slowly crossing them off!
I was visited tonight by my friends Jen and Suzy! So great to see them! I took them on a late night stroll through my neighborhood. It truly feels like a neighborhood when I can name half the nurses and staff on the floor, tell you an interesting fact about them, and what their families are like;) I'm truly going to miss all the wonderful new friends I've made here when I leave!
Well I'm off to hang with my sister Sally!! It's so great to have sister time, I'm so happy she's here! :)
Love you all, God bless!


  1. Keep the good news coming...we are loving it!

  2. Hey Patty it's Gracie. I'm sooo glad I got to talk with you the other day. You have been in my families thoughts and prayers.I've relied on Chantelle for info, but I really hope to visit you soon. I'm so excited about all these good results. You are so strong and so beautifully smiling. Do you have an appointent calendar? I'll tell my people to tell you're people and we'll do lunch? ;D

  3. Gracie,
    Yes it was great catching up with you! I'm so thankful for your families thoughts and prayers, they mean the world! No appointment needed for lunch!!;) just come whenever you are free! Can't wait to see you!