Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 23-Everything tastes like crap:)

It happened:( Grossed out by quiche served to me for breafast, followed by a tuna sandwich that was given to me by mistake, followed by the bland turkey sandwich I ordered, and ending with red enchiladas I dislike that brought everything down hill!! Nothing sounds appetizing...and what I think I'm putting in my mouth bursts with flavors I've never even tasted before. Turkey tasted like moldy fish, sour cream like rancid mayo, and avocado like...some kind of bland mushy paste. The only thing that I ate today that tasted as normal as it could were some yummy Neiman Marcus cookies my sister-n-law brought for me today. I probably ate a total of 5 all day today...thank God for those! I'm looking forward to tomorrow though! Ivan's mom is going to be cooking for us at his uncle's house!! This means a home cooked meal!! " Hey taste buds, you better not pull this **** on me tomorrow!"
I spent my day hanging out with Hilda (my mother-n- law). I tired her out on my walks, chatted with her lots, read, and caught up on some much needed sleep during the afternoon. My night did not end so well though:( Do you know how incredibly frustrating it is to want to eat something but can't seem to have an appetite for it? I'm telling you food has so much more value to me now! I had not eaten much the whole day but later that night had an itch to eat some Cuban food. I thought about the flavors and it was the only thing that sounded somewhat appetizing. Unfortunately Ivan couldn't make it to the place in time( he had taken his nephew to Disneyland for the day). By the time he got here it was 11pm. I was in tears! Over stupid food!!! I had prepared my mind for that meal, and just couldn't get myself to want anything me stubborn or blame it on my stupid taste buds...or both;) Ivan suggested other foods, but my options were mostly junky fast food my stomach/body are hating me for. So I sat up from my stubborn taste bud misery, yelled at myself to snap out of it, and prepared my mind for the eating competition. And do you know what came to me?... A plain chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce from Jack in the Box. Ivan being the man he is quickly ran out to get it. There I sat in the dark eating that chicken sandwich. Finally.... something pleasant I enjoyed eating:) Thank you God!! And thank you to my hubby, who had to put up with my crabbiness!

This journey of mine has really revealed something new to me. Sides of people I have never seen in my life are showing. Amazing people who I've never even met have reached out to us. Bless their hearts and families! People who I hadn't spoken to in such a long time have shared all these beautiful thoughts and words of encouragement with me, that have motivated me to keep fighting everyday.I've received messages and phone calls from people in my life who were possibly not that close to show their support. My family and friends have all bent over backwards enduring long 5 hr drives and time off work to visit, help alleviate Ivan and keep me company throughout the day. I've received all these wonderful, inspiring and uplifting gifts from so many of you that have really just brightened up my days. Cookies, hand crocheted hats, books, paper flowers, paintings, cards, pictures, scrapbooks, all of which I cherish soooo dearly! I have seen sooooo much good in people!! A simple word, phone call, visit, gesture, action, and smile have had so much more value to me since I've been here. The smallest little things people do have been helping me get through everyday! It makes me think about how tiny simplicity can go such a long way to really help someone. In the end that's what were here on this earth for. Were not going to be remembered by our money, our careers, the things we owned, but by the relationships we had with people, what we did for others, the sweet simple things...what really matters.

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  1. Siempre estaremos contigo en tu batalla....We are here to support you. We know how hard it is to have ALL and how it changed your life. We have you in our prayers everyday and we hope we can meet one day and tell you how special you are...GOD BLESS YOU!

    Maria Montes and kids