Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The golden arches

Young children everywhere are introduced to the infamous golden arches everyday. You know what golden arches I speak of, the famous Ronald McDonald of course;) although this monopolized, cheap food establishment has it's many faults, it never fails in bringing smiles. For the past two to three days I've had a large craving to sink my teeth into a sausage mcmuffin and hash brown from the golden arches. Ivan exclaimed to me that it wasn't healthy, it was too darn greasy, and risky for me to eat. I, on the other hand felt differently, so I spoke to my nurse. She stated that I go ahead and eat now while I still had somewhat of an appetite. I turned to Ivan with eyes clearly saying"see I told you so" and politely requested the greasy mcmuffin and hash brown for breakfast. I dreamt about the experience all last night. I thought about the taste, the smell, the sweet sweet sensation of that cheap food smoothly flowing to the back of my throat.
The time soon came. This morning I woke up in huge excitement! My sister parted early to make the run before the breakfast hours at mcdonalds house were over. I sat up in my bed, savoring the moment, while my taste buds had a party of their own in my mouth. My sister soon arrived with the notorious white bag, I saw those bright yellow arches and like I said before, I couldn't help but smile. I was a kid once more. I wasn't looking forward to a plastic toy, rather that round muffin filled with sausage and cheese, o boy!! You best believe all that was left was a crumpled up piece of yellow wrapping after I was done:) It was amazing!!! Bar a pa pa pa, I'm lovin it;)

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