Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watch for those hard ass lemons

They say when life throws you lemons make lemonade. But sometimes life can throw some pretty hard ass lemons so hard you can't even get a drop of lemonade out. I've realized that when one faces a challenge you can handle it one of two ways. One can run into a corner and curl oneself up into a ball, cover ones eyes and pretend like the problem isn't there. And sometimes that's ok to do, but in this case I need to handle this challenge in a different way. I need to except the problem, face it, fight it, and realize even though it looks really scary and my shield might not hold up and I'm well aware that I will get hit by those hard ass lemons... It's ok. Those hard hits from the lemons will eventually just become bruises and heal. And eventually with time the challenge will fade, and it will be nothing more but a battle story of triumph to tell.
And that's what happens in life. You might break up with a boyfriend/girfriend, get a divorce, go bankrupt, get a bad grade on a test, fail a class, get sick, the list goes on and on. Buts it's about how you choose to handle the situation that shapes you into the person you want to become. I want this battle to mold me stronger, to make me a fighter, to motivate me to advocate...and to be a true story of triumph to tell our children one day. So with any life battle you have to fight remember to pick up your shield, and be prepared because you will get hit with those hard lemons; but it's better to get hit by those lemons, learn and heal then to run in a corner and hide from it all. If anything, it will make an interesting story to tell ;)
So take your cover, and fight back!!


  1. You are such an inspiration for me, girl, and always have been. The way you are, your strength, you're amazing! And when those hard ass lemons do come, know that me, Andy, and soooo many others are right behind you!!! God bless and I love you!

  2. Amen!!! Wow.. I love it.. and you just made me rethink some situations I am in right now.

  3. I think you already are an advocate, lady!