Thursday, April 7, 2011

A whirlwind of a tummy ache

Food has never tasted so pleasant:) This morning I was spoiled by Ivan with delicious French toast. Although my taste buds are off, I am so ever thankful for what I can taste. We eat everyday without even thinking about where are food comes from, and how lucky we are to have all sorts of flavors we can indulge in. I've grown to be so much more thankful for food since I've been here. I've realized how beautiful it is to have the ability to share meals with friends, family, and how every bite should be savored and appreciated. After lunch today, I had a horrible stomach ache. I want to blame it on the weird assortment of items I ate, but who knows. My bowel movements have been off lately(sorry if this is tmi) so I kept returning to the restroom hoping I could rid the ache in that way. It was somewhat successful after several visits to my second closest friend's house (the toilet, since I use the restroom like 12 times a day:)). I kept returning to my bed hoping the ache would come to an end. My nurse was about to give me a dose of morfin, but I suggested I sleep it off, and that it was fading. Thankfully after some rest it was gone:) I snaked on some cheez it's while watching Ellen with Ivan, super happy that I was feeling better.
Being stuck in "this dorm room" all day has started to make both Ivan and I restless. It's hard to maintain patience towards one another when we are confined inside four small walls. I know it must be just as hard for him to be here, maybe even more difficult, as it is for me. He's given up his life for me, and I truly love him for that. Please pray that we continue to have ultimate patience towards one another.
Ivan is spoiling me for dinner tonight. I'm having chicken Alfredo, since the white tray with my dinner bears a scoop of mashed potatoes underneath, and you all know how I feel about those mushy taters. I also must get out for a stroll today, my nurse O will be in tomorrow, and i'm sure she will be asking about my walking. Going to take my first best friend out for a walk (my IV machine). Can't wait for the results from American Idol tonight!! I hope Paul McDonald doesn't get eliminated, he's my favorite:)
Tomorrow will be the one week mark of my treatment, yay!! I'll be getting the van.....something, sorry I don't know how to spell it. It's part of the chemo treatment and I will be receiving it through my pick line. I'm looking forward to getting some visitors this weekend. Hilda, my mother in law will be coming to visit with Nayra and Isaiah. My sister Rosie will also be coming on Saturday! I'm hoping Ivan will be able to take a break then...well that's my two cents for the day, thanks for following friends!! Love you all!!


  1. Hi patty! So nice to hear u r feeling well today!
    Gosh I miss u so much.. I've been praying for you to have better
    Days. :) I will come see you next Friday if that's ok? I've been trying not to call
    Too much, i don't wanna call at the wrong time!
    Well write back if you can :)
    Love mena

  2. I'm rooting for Scotty and Casey all the way! Whose Paul?! :) ps. Zach says hello. Grace upon grace over your marriage, my dear.

  3. Paul McDonald, the winner of course!! He's the one with the pink flowered jacket and big smile. I like Casey too though! Tell Zach I say"hello my fellow Modestin of mine, hope you are super!" Thanks for your grace upon our marriage, God is listening! Miss u Jill!